1 in the Madridian derby

It was expected the emotion and imagined the winner. However, despite knowing almost everything, the derby did not disappoint, generous and alternatives involved in these outbursts experienced by the Madrid final in their stadium. From this fidelity to the inclinations of each explained the outcome. Atletico, contact your neighbor, shares the fatal attraction to blondes by Dracula, is reluctant, but puts the neck. Madrid, meanwhile, observes the events with the conviction that the winner will in some way, either, and that trust is able to bend spoons and cutlery whole. And so it is eleven years.

In a sense, both sides share a sense of spectacle that is tragic or glorious, but prevents downtime and the moments of boredom. With a lot or a little football with varying quality, in these games continues the beating, the intensity and the announcement of a surprise that will keep on waiting.

Although we returned again to follow a red herring. At nine minutes, the teams still warmed muscles, a rare error discovered Tiago Albiol with the ball and Atletico in flagrant superiority. The definition of the play was outstanding and ran the edge of the area: the Portuguese gave the Kun, it pinched the ball towards Seville Reyes and made good use of his left foot splendor.

The goal had other virtues as well as implementation. As it arrived early and froze to Madrid at the Bernabeu. It was too early to invoke the heroic. So the host had to meet, face to face with their tactical problems which exist although statistics disguise with diamonds. Difficulties arise replicated by rivals that hope, firm ranks and settled in that position after Atletico ahead on the scoreboard.

The rigidity of Madrid, to attack this defense baffled both players and fans, accustomed to outbursts of sequels hide any sign of weakness. But there are, although I must say now, covered with confetti, is hardly popular: shortage of splittings, uncheck missing and, overall, is missing the dynamism that should exhibit a great team at this stage of the season.

To Christian sank in that jam, determined to save the world individually and very far from the band, which is the place where the enemies are locked in his castle. Also at the insistence cover the whole field is detected the absence of a plan.

The first complaint you can do to Atletico is no more ambitious in that long stretch, that lasted until the end of the first half. In many years there reminded him so many minutes of quiet control, or both latent danger. Each time the ball approached the Kun heard the tom-tom soup announces browser. It did not take a dribble, even a control. Enough with their humming. However, never much of a threat activated.

No doubt the good sense of Pellegrini in costume, but I suspect that after the break the team was more stimulated by the challenges and the ticking of the clock with the words of the coach.

It happens. Each grand finale, every storm that fosters, requires a drama, the real risk. And here was already fulfilled the first part of the contract. So he opened the door and left the hurricane. At the minute, Marcelo claimed a penalty that was not (but intimidating) and after a while Xabi scored a goal that is set to become specialty corner, and he nodded the ball waiting for him at the back post, hiding a bit, as if waiting the bus.

The draw forever changed the place and stood in front of Atletico. What had been minutes before were now happy minutes of insomnia. Madrid, however, I had it all: the vertigo, confidence and stage blowing. The effect is so immediate that in six minutes, the team went ahead. And the wind so strong that dishevel better heads combed.

Xabi Alonso is the proof. Not satisfied with the goal, he invented a move that drew half a meter under the ground and stripped Atletico defense while searching for Arbeloa. What happened next was as prodigious as the parable of the pass. The side, cold as a professional annihilation, broke twice to Domínguez and scored a goal that could have written Christian. Some would do well to eat their doubts about the ability of this side attacker. Personally, I’ll take with salt.

Continued the siege: Higuain topped the crossbar and unfinished to vibrate (the stick and Argentina), took advantage of a hesitation in the defense to fulminate De Gea. If I were Messi would disturb me to see this guy chasing me. More than fast, stubborn.

But the amazing phenomena ceased. Victim of a strange disposition, Xabi, usually a perfect man and older brother of mankind, gave life to Atletico to slap a ball that flew over the area of Casillas. If it was his way to provoke the yellow, saying that there should be less traumatic ways. If you wanted to revive the party, a faith that did it.

However, the excitement of the result did not correspond with the reaction of Atletico. That was the accusation to be following him to the visitor. Neither took his first shot or took advantage of the bounce. Nor benefited at all from the replacement of Reyes, injured by Jury.

Although the new scenario was perfect for dying of fear, relief Madrid ended enough to collect the yellow ones that ensure the presence of Sergio Ramos, Xabi against Barcelona. The first resulted in the delay-kick and the second to attack an opponent thoroughly, and I say that Xabi was walking unleashed, ready to work, either, with goals and cards.

Forlan almost time served, enjoyed the last time Atletico. The outcome of the play was an example of his recent blindness: while waiting for the pass and fellow defenders feared, almost terrified, Forlan decided to shoot on goal, without much angle and with no destination.

When you spend some time, perhaps sufficient a few weeks, and we will not know to distinguish this from other previous derby. We confuse the goals and the players, chances and outcomes. Confirm, once again, that before the derby the two teams play two spirits, the blonde who does not want and biting Dracula.

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