2019/20 Football Kits: Leaked Designs & Rumours for Europe’s Top Clubs

As we draw closer to the end of the season, the internet is rife with rumours about what the top clubs in Europe will be looking like next season – and that talk isn’t strictly related to transfers.

Kit leaks are aplenty at this time of year, so it’s time to have a look at the latest news for some of the top clubs across Europe.

Here’s a roundup of the latest kit news for the Premier League and Europe.


One thing we can be certain of is that is that ​Arsenal’s new kit will be manufactured by ​adidas, after the Gunners announced they signed a £300m kit deal which will come into effect at the start of the 2019/20 season.

The home kit is likely to be a classic red shirt with white sleeves, featuring the trademark adidas three stripes and the away shirt will be a spin on the classic ‘bruised banana’ design the club used between 1991 and 1993. Their third shirt is expected to be a more subtle dark blue.


​Chelsea are continuing with Nike next season and rumours are suggesting that there could be a slight twist on the standard blue home jersey, with a graphic print of Stamford Bridge featuring on the front. However, the home kit shorts are the only thing to have been leaked just yet.

The away shirt is set to be white with blue and red accents and will match the design of Nike’s ‘Vapor’ template, meaning that it will feature unique designs on collar and sleeves. There could also be a special fourth kit which will be exclusively used in the Carabao Cup.


There have been plenty rumours suggesting that New Balance could be replaced as the kit manufacturer for ​Liverpool, but there will be no changes for the 2019/20 season.

New Balance have been able to keep everything on the down low so far, meaning Liverpool fans will have to wait a little longer to see what’s in store.

Manchester City

​Manchester City ended their deal with Nike and signed with Puma earlier this season.

There’s no news over the specific design of the home shirt, but the away shirt is set to be black with peach accents and the third shirt will be yellow, also accompanied by peach accents. 

Manchester United

​One of the first kits to be leaked, ​Manchester United’s adidas home kit for the 2019/20 season has been revealed. It does away with the gradient design of the 2018/19 kit and is much more simplistic, being predominantly red with black trim on the neck. 

The club badge on the left chest of the Manchester United 2019/20 home shirt is surrounded by a badge and coloured black and gold, which is inspired by the 1999 Champions League Winners shirt.

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Newcastle United

​​Newcastle’s kits for next season have also been leaked. 

In a slight twist, the usual black and whites stripes of the home kit are accompanied by ​monochromatic logos that are in the centre of the kit. The away kit is orange and draws inspiration from St James’ Park with a printed design and the third kit will be a dark green and black combination.

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No design leaks for ​Tottenham, but Nike are said to be doing away with the divisive gradient design which left some supporters very underwhelmed last season.

The home shirt will be a classic white design, whilst the away and third shirts are set to be dark blue and light blue respectively.​


Watford pulled an April Fool’s prank on supporters with a bizarre diamond design for next season’s home kit, but the design of the actual kit the Hornets will be sporting has also been leaked.

Keeping with the yellow and black design, the adidas design will feature a half and half design instead of last season’s stripes.

Atletico Madrid

Nike’s experimental ​Atletico kits of the past two seasons are set to be cast aside as they revert back to a more straightforward design next season.

The leaked home shirt returns to simple red and white stripes, whilst the away shirt is set to be black with red accents and third shirt light blue with navy accents.


In potentially the biggest twist yet, Nike are daring to do away with ​Barcelona’s traditional stripes in favour of a chequered design, not too dissimilar from Croatia’s national shirt.

The first leaks of Barcelona’s 2019/20 kit features the traditional red and blue colours in checkers instead of stripers, coupled with solid blue sleeves. The away kit is equally as intriguing, as it features a red and blue sash across a yellow shirt, inspired by the iconic kit of the 1970’s.

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Real Madrid

adidas seem to have recognised that ​Real Madrid look pretty sharp when they take to the field in white and gold.

Los Blancos look set to be sporting a classy white shirt with gold accents next season, similar to the 2011/12 kit. The big difference between the two kits will be the use of a crew neck cut on the updated version. The away and third kits will be navy and mint green respectively.


Puma haven’t taken too much of a risk when it comes to ​Milan’s kit design, keeping it plain and simple with thin red and black stripes for the home variation.

The away shirt will be white and black and red accents on either shoulder and the third kit is black with a subtle red graphic printed on the front.


​Nike aren’t willing to change too much when it comes to ​Inter’s kit (much unlike Barcelona), but there are a few subtle tweaks to the usual recipe.

The home shirt will of course feature black and blue vertical stripes, but there will be a strip of diagonal stripes in the area around the sponsor. The away kit will be mint and gold, whilst the third kit will be black and yellow.


Milan and Inter are sticking to their traditional stripes, but adidas aren’t going down the same route with ​Juventus.

I Bianconeri are going to be wearing a half and half design (not all that dissimilar to Watford’s home shirt)​ with gold logos. The away kit will be white and red and the third kit will be blue.

Bayern Munich

Not too much to talk about for ​Bayern Munich, other than a leak of their third kit.

No designs to discuss, but the kit is set to be in the colours of navy, red and ​grey.

Borussia Dortmund

​Borussia Dortmund’s kits have been subject to variation over the past few years, but Puma are keeping it simple this time around.

The home shirt will be yellow with black shoulders, but the cup kit (for use in the Champions League) will feature a striking graphic across the chest and sleeves which draws inspiration from the roof design of the Signal Iduna Park.


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