6 of the Best Moments From Some Exciting Midweek Premier League Action

Fans of the Premier League were treated to a piping hot batch of midweek action this week, and there was plenty to get excited about.

Liverpool, Manchester City, Leicester City and Chelsea all picked up wins to ensure that the title race looks exactly the same, while Fred channelled his inner Zinedine Zidane to spoil José Mourinho’s return to Manchester United. Weird, right?

Here are six of the best moments from all the fun.

Best Assist

This award almost has to go to the entire ​Liverpool team, although ​Sadio Mané deserves to push his way to the front of the queue for both of his fantastic passes in the 5-2 win over ​Everton.

First, he set up ​Divock Origi with the kind of perfectly weighted ball which you only here about in folklore, before letting Xherdan Shaqiri get in on the action later on with a beautiful reverse pass which split open Everton’s defence.

​Dejan Lovren staked his own claim for the award by sending a stunning long ball up to Origi for the third goal, but Mané has to win this one.​

Best Tackle

José Mourinho managed just 13 minutes of his return to Old Trafford before taking out his frustration on one of the ​Manchester United players.

Harry Winks tripped Dan James and sent him flying off the pitch towards the dugout, but not before Mourinho viciously kneed the Welshman right in the head on the way off. ​Obviously, there was nothing the ​Tottenham boss could do to avoid the contact, but that’s not the point.

Somehow, Mourinho actually looked to come off worse from the whole thing.

Best Save

Spurs’ 2-1 loss to United was not goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga’s best showing. After somehow letting ​Marcus Rashford’s effort squirm under him to open the scoring, the Argentine certainly made up for it with a save soon after.

Rashford’s long-range effort took a slight deflection and looked to be swerving right into the top corner, only for Gazzaniga to showcase some stunning reflexes to alter his position and tip the ball over the bar.

The Spurs man was active just moments later with another impressive stop to deny Rashford, but it still wasn’t enough to earn his side the win.

Best Mis-Hit

We all love a good mis-hit. There’s not much funnier than a player completely fluffing their lines and blowing an easy chance but, fortunately for Trézéguet, his error in ​Aston Villa’s 2-1 loss to ​Chelsea actually worked out pretty well.

The winger found himself free in the box to meet Ahmed Elmohamady’s cross, He went for the header, only nodded it down onto his own feet, but his momentum saw the ball ricochet off of him and nestle right in Kepa Arrizabalaga’s bottom corner in near-slow motion.

Hey, a goal’s a goal at the end of the day.

Best Goal

Some people like lucky deflected headers, but others like thunderous half-volleys which fly into the net before you even register what has happened. Rodri prefers the latter.

The Spaniard netted his side’s third in ​Manchester City’s 4-1 win over ​Burnley in emphatic fashion, pouncing on a loose ball to send it screaming into the back of the goal at terrifying speed.

More of those please.

Best Amazon Prime Debut

This round of midweek fixtures was a big deal for the ​Premier League, as it was Amazon Prime’s first time broadcasting games. They began by showing ​Crystal Palace vs. ​Bournemouth, and Mamadou Sakho celebrated the occasion by getting sent off after just 19 minutes.

A reckless challenge from the Palace defender earned him an early bath, but the best part of it all was his face once he realised he was in trouble. Sakho stood there looking like a child who had just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, stunned that someone could be opposed to him flying in with his boot so high off the ground.

The game was hardly the most exciting, so it wasn’t the best way to welcome Amazon to the world of the Premier League.

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