6 Stats That Show How Unbelievably Abysmal Arsenal Have Been Against the Top Six

It’s an age-old adage: Arsenal, in games against the top six, are bad. Granted, it’s not necessarily a profound adage, but it is well-founded. 

And I’ll tell you how we know it’s well-founded. We know because there’s a load of factual statistics that back it up. That’s how.

So, ahead of Unai Emery’s side’s trip to Anfield this weekend, and one where there’s more than a jot of optimism no less, here’s a collection of them:

Arsenal’s Anfield Pain

Kieran Gibbs

Here’s a stat for you, courtesy of the friendly folk at Opta: “Arsenal are without a win in their last six visits to Anfield to play Liverpool in the Premier League (W0 D2 L4), conceding two or more goals in each match (22 in total).”

Six games. Two draws. Four losses. 22 goals conceded.

That basically boils down to the equation: Arsenal + Anfield x Six = Pain x22. And, in fact, it doesn’t get much worse when you insert other grounds into the mix…

Arsenal + [Insert Top Six Stadium] Since Last Away Win = Pain

Per Mertesacker

So, sure, Anfield is one thing – just ask Barcelona – but what about the Emptihad? Old Trafford? *Robbie voice* Stamffford Bridge? White Hart Lane?

Yeah, unfortunately, it doesn’t make for better reading. As revealed by some digging in the Evening Standard: “Since winning 2-0 at Manchester City on 18 January 2015, the Gunners’ record in Premier League away games against the top six reads: P22, W0, D8, L14, F24 A50.”

And just how many points have they got in those games, from a possible 66? Eight. 


Goal Difference in Games Since August 2004

Arsenal's French player Thierry Henry re

Okay, fine, recent history hasn’t been too kind to the ​Gunners. But what about if we go back to 2004, a time of invincible joy.

Oh. It isn’t that great either. 

Taking into account both home and away games, Arsenal’s goal difference against the top six reads: 

Chelsea: -19

Liverpool: -6

Manchester United: -14

Manchester City: -4

Tottenham: +15

Okay, that last one might salvage a bit of pride. But is it enough pride? No. 

Points Won Against Top Six Teams Since 2004

Arsenal's Dennis Bergkamp (r) has his sh

Sticking with that 2004 to 2019 time frame, how about overall points won? Is it better? Is it? Well…….

Chelsea: 27 points out of a possible 90.

Liverpool: 39 points out of a possible 90.

Manchester United: 29 points out of a possible 90.

Manchester City: 41 points out of a possible 90.

Tottenham: 47 points out of a possible 90.

And remember, for four of those years, this was the Manchester City of Richard Dunne and Danny Mills, not Sergio Aguero and David Silva. Huh. 

Away Wins Since 2004

Manchester United v Arsenal - FA Cup Quarter Final

Plenty of Gooners believe that this weekend’s clash against Jurgen Klopp and co offers up a real chance of three fat points. 

But, just how unprecedented would that be? TO THE STAT CAVE! Here are the number of times Arsenal have won away at the Top Six since 2004:

Stamford Bridge: 2

Anfield: 3

Old Trafford: 1

The Etihad: 5

White Hart Lane/Tottenham Hotspur Stadium: 3

Win Ratio Since 2004

Arsenal FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League

Okay, we’ll end on a positive note, because it’s only fair.

Here’s the win ratio in home games since 2004…

Chelsea: 26.7%

Liverpool: 40%

Man City: 40%

Man Utd: 40%

Spurs: 60%

See, apart from Chelsea it’s not too terrible, is it? I mean, it’s manageable, right? Sort of? Kind of? Oh wait, oh no. Oh no, no, no, no, no, nooooooo.

Here’s the away game win ratio:

Chelsea: 13.3%

Liverpool: 20%

Man City: 33.3%

Man Utd: 6.7%

Spurs: 20%

Thoughts and Prayers!


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