Bayern 0 (2) -0 (4) Real Madrid

Franz Beckenbauer 40 years ago dominated the football world. Today times have changed. This Madrid is that of Mourinho, but led by a great champion of the world, Iker Casillas. We will not make further appeals to a porter that we all admire. Just a hunch that we would not be able Badstuber with Iker on the penalty spot seven minutes. And so throughout the match. The dug into the wound mostoleño German Championship and the World Cup. Now the Spanish are the Germans. In times of Franz this was unthinkable. This reading should serve the white dress. In 1980 the Madrid lost a friendly against Bayern 9-1. We all know that with Casillas had not occurred. But at the end of this season reached the final of the European Cup against Liverpool. What will not be able to do this porter if yesterday allowed the team to win the tournament in a penalty shootout?

The key to this is Madrid’s Casillas. Mourinho, the tenant on the bench, is building the house for the harsh winter. The 4-2-3-1 with which yesterday went home did not work. But that does not work in summer heat need not be of concern at this time. He took an eleven almost gala, but with several international madridistas exhausted from across the pond. This may be the reason for the bad game of Ramos. The penalty that was committed not to think. Life is complicated forbidden territory, precisely, with the two newcomers, Khedira and Carvalho (only training together.) But later, Ribéry was winning all actions band. The Camas, another beloved world champion, was not his night. “Sighing Mou by Maicon?

The Madrid carbide. Although there were individual actions such as Christian in the 17 ‘(which almost ends up in goal by Higuain), his shot from the edge in 35’ or a header pass from Benzema who raised the applause of the Allianz Arena. Casillas saved the furniture on five occasions during the first half: the penalty, the subsequent decline of Müller, the shot of Pranjic and side by side with Ribery and Klose. Mourinho never stopped taking notes. The team was not together. The game was so turned to the right. Channels lost on previous friendly presence. Khedira Xabi and be fitted. The German played in front of San Sebastian. Physically endured the entire game (it’s a wonder), but more is expected of him, as de Carvalho. Anyway, note that the Pranjic, Müller and company were more fresh and boulders.

The carousel of changes during the second half favored Madrid. Higuain had no luck, but Benzema said ways. He came out with enthusiasm and created danger. It seems that the French are willing to offer their best version. Then Van der Vaart had the 0-1 in 61 ‘, but sent the ball into the side netting when he was alone inside the area. Finally, a tribute to Beckenbauer was decided on penalties. Badstuber removed spine in Iker before the penalty spot, but the goalie stopped Altintop shoots and Braafheid. This house has strong foundations …

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