Brother: He won’t leave Real Madrid!

Higuaín’s brother, Federico: “My brother, Gonzalo, is not going to leave Real Madrid. The players have signed Higuaín’s shirt to show him how much they appreciate him and that they don’t want him to leave.”
Gonzalo Higuain crying

6 thoughts on “Brother: He won’t leave Real Madrid!

  1. nahid

    woooooooooooww, it’s perfect
    gonzalo, please stay in realmadrid forever
    we,madridista’s crazy about you
    we can’t imagine real without you
    you are the best
    i love you

  2. hadjer

    PIPITA QUEDATE! PIPITA plz dont leave real madriiiiiiiiiiiiiid we love uuuuu you’re the best striker in the world plzzz don’t leave

  3. treguain

    am so over the moon,i hope its not just a stunt and he stays for good-i respect this lad,he’s beyond talented. pipita 4 life.

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