Capello: Nobody is bigger than Madrid

Fabio Capello has claimed that no one person is bigger than Real Madrid, amid talk of whether Jose Mourinho was right to drop club captain Iker Casillas.

Since the 3-2 Malaga defeat in which Antonio Adan was preferred, players, coaches and pundits alike have commented on whether the Spain goalkeeper should have been snubbed by the Portuguese head coach.

But Capello believes that the brand of Los Blancos is bigger than anybody else, with the exception of club legend Alfredo Di Stefano and former president Santiago Bernabeu.

“When you train at Madrid, you should know that before and after you, there is Madrid and the Madrid fans,” the Russia head coach told reporters.

“Above the coach and the players, above everyone, is the name of Madrid.

“The only one who has done something different and whose name is closest to that of Madrid’s is Santiago Bernabeu, as ex-president. And as a coach and player, Di Stefano.”

Capello, a famed disciplinarian and former Madrid boss, believes that players must respect a coach’s decision should they choose to drop them and believes that behaviour should impact upon selection.

“The players are very fortunate for their work,” the Italian said. “As a coach I only ask for respect, for the people to work with me and to be disciplined.

“Some players get angry when I change them, but I explain that the changes are made to improve the game. It does not help to be angry.

“I ask them why they think they have to play, if I decide to play someone else. Not everything is held in the field, the behaviour is also important.”

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