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Juventus lawyer: ‘No agreement’

After the Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation into the exam taken by Luis Suarez in Perugia, Juventus lawyer Maria Turco has released a statement.

The Atletico Madrid-bound forward seemed set for a move to Juventus this summer before the passport complications stalled a move to the Old Lady, but the Uruguayan forward flew to Perugia for the examinations last week.

Colonel Selvaggio Sarri revealed Guardia di Finanza were already investigating the University for ‘their less than transparent activities’, and told Radio Punto Nuovo that the Uruguayan’s exam had been ‘predetermined’.

Quotes from the phone calls between lawyer Turco and the University have been reported by La Repubblica, among others, which reveals promises of returning with more foreign players in the future.

But Turco released a statement, claiming it was ‘not a negotiation nor an agreement’ and that the quotes are taken ‘out of context’

“In my legal duties, I put the staff of the football player Luis Suarez in contact with the University for Foreigners of Perugia,” Turco said in a statement.

“This contact followed the verification of the requisites necessary for obtaining citizenship. The contact activity is found in the e-mails between the player’s entourage and the university, in which, out of courtesy, the undersigned is in the cc but not the recipient.

“I spoke with the Erasmus and Mobility International Relations Service of the same University to obtain and transmit the bureaucratic indications about the delivery of the course and any subsequent registration for the exam in question.

“I specify that my words, picked up by wiretapping have been reported out of context and are incomplete. During those telephone conversations, in fact, I clearly expressed the request that the examination procedure take place as expected and without any kind of treatment with respect to any other candidate.

“I assume that careful analysis of such conversations will prove this beyond doubt. As for the reference to other players, it’s quite clear that since this is the first time I have followed a story connected with the certification of knowledge of the Italian language, my words are to be interpreted as a procedural knowledge to be used for the future, only where there was a need.

“Therefore, there’s no agreement. No negotiations. Simply an acknowledgment.”

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Official: Juventus sign Morata

Juventus have officially signed Alvaro Morata on loan from Atletico Madrid for €10m with an option to buy for €45m, but the loan can be extended for another €10m.

The striker had his medical at the Continassa centre in Turin this morning, having flown in from Madrid last night.

A statement released by the Bianconeri confirmed the financial details of the agreement.

It is a loan for the 2020-21 season at a cost of €10m with option to buy for €45m, payable in three instalments.

Juventus have the option to extend the loan until the end of the 2021-22 season for a further €10m.

If they do that, then the option to buy will be at a cost of €35m from 2022, again payable in three instalments.

It is a return to Turin for Morata, who was already a Bianconeri player from 2014-16.

In that period, Juve paid €20m to purchase him from Real Madrid, with the Merengues paying the €30m buy-back clause.

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PSG lifeline for Khedira

Juventus may have found a way to move Sami Khedira on, as it’s reported Paris Saint-Germain want to sign the midfielder.

The 33-year-old will be out of contract at the end of this season, but is refusing to terminate the deal early without receiving the full outstanding salary.

There is some hope for the Bianconeri, as Sky Sport in Germany claims PSG are interested in picking up the veteran.

Khedira has a good rapport with coach Thomas Tuchel and would bring valuable experience to the squad.

The injury-prone German international made 18 competitive appearances for Juve last season.

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‘Suarez has to pass exam!’

More details are emerging from the investigation into Luis Suarez’s Italian language exam. ‘He has to pass, we can’t ruin a €10m per season deal over this.’

The Barcelona striker flew to Perugia for the examination last week and was there for under an hour, which alerted some suspicion in the authorities.

That’s because this B1 language test usually takes over an hour to complete, with the written and spoken sections.

An investigation was launched by Colonel Selvaggio Sarri, who made clear Juventus are currently not accused of wrongdoing.

“A Serie A club asked for Suarez to sit the exam,” Sarri told Radio Punto Nuovo.

“Juve were intent on registering the player and the University was open to hosting the exam. The problems started when they found themselves faced with someone who had no knowledge of the Italian language.

“Formally, he was awarded a diploma for an intermediary level, but we discovered it was all predetermined.”

It is claimed that Suarez was given the questions in advance so he could learn the correct answers.

“There was no outside pressure, Juventus are not currently under investigation, but we’ll see what emerges. It was the people working at the University of Perugia who let themselves get star-struck.

“The player also does not risk any punishment, as this sort of type of thing is just about the public officials not doing their jobs. In fact, we had been investigating the University of Perugia for their less than transparent activities since February 2020. They were in a way unlucky to have done this when we were already investigating them.”

Because the university was already under investigation, there were wiretaps on their phones, which captured conversations making the ‘fix’ clear.

“It’s not that he should pass, he has to pass, because we can’t ruin a €10m per season deal over a B1 diploma,” said one official.

Suarez could only join Juventus if he had an EU passport, as the club already filled its quota of non-EU players for this season.

He was eligible for an Italian passport because his wife has Italian ancestry, but first needed to pass the exam.

Italy has a rather long history of scandals involving passports and players, as covered in our Only In Serie A feature.

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Milik pushed towards Tottenham?

With the Roma move seemingly abandoned, Napoli try to sell Arkadiusz Milik to Premier League clubs, above all Tottenham Hotspur.

The striker was all set to join Roma on loan with obligation to buy for €18m plus up to €7m in bonuses.

However, he failed to agree the finer points of his exit from Napoli, specifically some details over image rights, outstanding wages and a fine over the November 2019 mutiny.

Because of the delays, Roma are no longer releasing Edin Dzeko towards Juventus, and the Bianconeri have secured Alvaro Morata on loan with option to buy from Atletico Madrid instead.

Milik’s contract with Napoli only runs to the end of the season, so the club has to sell or risk losing him as a free agent.

With that in mind, Tuttomercatoweb note the Poland international will be pushed towards a new destination outside of Serie A.

The Premier League seems most likely, with interest already reported from Tottenham.

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