Chelsea Facing Hefty Legal Bill as Victims of Racial & Sexual Abuse Sue Club

Chelsea are facing a huge legal bill as victims of both racial and sexual abuse sue the club following the revelations from QC Charles Geekie’s independent report published on Wednesday. 

The extensive report, which Chelsea also published and issued a subsequent apology for, detailed the predatory abuse of chief scout Eddie Heath in the 1970s, describing him as a ‘dangerous and prolific child abuser’.

Chelsea FC v Brighton & Hove Albion - Premier League

It also revealed that his offences had gone ‘unchallenged’ at the club, despite parental complaints, with Dario Gradi specifically charged with failing to report cases brought to him. 

And now, as reported by the Evening Standard, it is understood that more than 20 victims of Heath’s sexual abuse are taking legal action against the club, with several other players making claims over the alleged racial abuse of Gwyn s and Graham Rix from the 80s and 90s.

A separate report handled by the charity Bernardo’s investigated this racial abuse, and found that black players were ‘subjected to a daily tirade of racial abuse’, and that ‘s was the instigator of such abuse’. 

However, though this report declared that Rix was ‘aggressive and bullying’ but ‘not racially abusive’, it is understood that the victims have maintained he was an offender, and he will be included in the case moving forward.

In their apology, the club explained that they would ‘fully support those affected’, and Gary Johnson, one of the victims of Heath’s abuse who was paid £50,000 in compensation three years ago, told ​Chelsea to ‘do the right thing’.

Speaking to the BBC upon the release of the 252-page report, Johnson explained: “You get rid of it and it all comes back now the report is out. It brings up tearfulness and uncertainty. I’m no spokesperson but it doesn’t take away the anger or the stress.

“I am shocked by the number of victims. Let’s hope we can look forward to this severity not happening again. The least they can do is apologise but I want the club to do the right thing. I don’t mean just offering apologies.”


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