Chelsea Fans React to Former Boss Jose Mourinho’s Appointment at Tottenham Hotspur

It’s been a big day for football Twitter.

Following Jose Mourinho’s appointment as Tottenham Hotspur’s new manager just 11 hours after sacking Mauricio Pochettino, social media went into complete meltdown – and rightly so.

For Spurs supporters, it’s been a day full of mixed emotions as they parted ways with the man they regarded as one of their most successful managers and welcomed someone who represents everything their club isn’t: an egotistic, a big spender…and a man who can actually manage to win trophies.

But how are the Chelsea fans holding up, now that their relationship with Mourinho has taken yet another bump in the road as he confirms a deal with their biggest rivals?

Well, surprisingly, not very well… 



​​However, some of the Chelsea fans weren’t exactly surprised by Mourinho’s decision to join the Lilywhites. Because, well, let’s face it, they’ve already witnessed him take over at Manchester United just three years ago – so perhaps they’re used to his disloyalty by now.

Plus, their current manager isn’t too shabby neither – and the news might have been a lot harder to take if they weren’t currently sitting 11 spots above Spurs in the table.

That being said, some are still reluctant to admit that his relationship with Chelsea is truly over, with others commenting on his plans to sabotage the league during his time at Spurs like he once did at United. Hmm…



Either way, he’ll be an exciting addition to the Premier League and on December 22, we’ll all be in for a right treat. Chelsea are set to take on Spurs just three days before Christmas and this time, there’s a twist in store. 

Away days at Tottenham are exciting enough, but now there’s an old friend in town.

Forget counting down the days until Christmas, this is the Premier League fixture Chelsea fans are waiting for…




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