Crespo: Working with Mourinho is spectacular

The former striker has voiced his admiration for the Blancos coach and feels the Portuguese is a natural born leader

Former Argentina international Hernan Crespo has taken the time to praise Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho and believes the Portuguese’s titles proves his abilities.

Crespo worked with Mourinho during his time at Chelsea and Inter, and he has fond memories of his spells under the 50-year-old.

“Working with him is spectacular. There is something special about him. He is a winner and a leader who I had a lot of fun with in training,” Crespo was quoted as saying on the official Madrid website.

“His trophies speak for themselves. There is something special about him and as a player he makes you feel important.

“He is a leader and has a lot of charisma. That is not something you can learn; you either have it or you don’t.”

The Argentine then went on to discuss his plans for the future and revealed that he has set his sights on a coaching career.

“I will finish my coaching course in June and I want to learn from all the coaches. Thankfully I have had great coaches in my career and I have learnt from all of them.”

Crespo hung up his boots in 2012 after leaving Parma on a free transfer in February of that year.

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