Di Maria: Real Madrid treated unfairly by referees

Angel Di Maria believes that Real Madrid are being treated unfairly by referees this season and has questioned the integrity of match officials in La Liga.

The Santiago Bernabeu side have already received three red cards in as many games in 2013, and Di Maria believes that the officials use different standards when the Blancos are involved.

“The media knows more than anyone else that referees make mistakes and make confusing decisions,” Di Maria said at a press conference.

“I have seen some dismissals that would not have been red cards for our rivals, yet they were red cards for us. These things happen, but sometimes I get the impression that these errors do not happen by mistake.”

The Argentina international then went on to say that La Liga is no longer a top priority for Madrid as they focus on the Copa del Rey and Champions League instead.

“Last year the league was our main focus, but we have now set our sights on the Copa and Champions League. We want to win both trophies.”

Di Maria has been struggling to find his best form this season, but he has insisted that he will continue to do his utmost in order to help the team.

“It’s hard to be consistent when you don’t play all the time. I am working on it, though, and will do my utmost to reach last season’s level again,” he added.

“I am feeling very well and I am on my way to becoming 100 per cent again. I am not always playing, but that’s the coach’s decision.”

Di Maria has netted twice in 18 Liga appearances so far this term.

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