Diego Costa: The Forward’s Maddest Social Media Clips Which Give an Insight into His Batsh*t Life

​If you’ve followed football at all over the past few years, you probably don’t need me to tell you that Diego Costa is absolutely mad.

Whether it’s crashing press conferences, fighting other players or just running around screaming incomprehensible slurs, you always know you’re in for a good time when Costa is around, so following the Atletico Madrid man on social media is a good way of keeping up with his latest antics.

Here are six of Costa’s greatest videos ever posted on social media.

Anyone for a Staring Contest?

​Costa only joined Instagram in 2015, and most of his early posts were innocent enough. There was plenty of ‘Yay ​Chelsea!’, but then there was a peculiar video in ​November 2015.

Partnering with Adidas, Costa recorded himself staring into the camera. Just staring. Staring right into your soul, almost as if you had done something to hurt him in a former life. 

He then ends the video by shouting right at the camera, in what was the first taste English fans had of just how bizarre the striker could be.

Explosive Celebrations

Hailing from Lagarto, Brazil, Costa is clearly fond of his early roots, and that was incredibly clear when he returned to the region for their ​Silibrina de Lagarto festival in the summer of 2016.

In the ​video, citizens of the region flock to the streets to celebrate, and they do so by flinging fireworks at each other. Sparks fly (literally) all over the street, covering people who seemingly could not care less about the fact others are waving explosives in their face.

He even returned for the festival this summer, and some of his Instagram stories were exactly the same. He’s clearly right at home in that kind of environment.

The Car Ride From Hell

Costa clearly isn’t one for living a quiet life. Some players opt to spend their summer break relaxing by the swimming pool, but not Costa.

In the summer of 2018, the Spaniard decided to post a ​video of a little joy ride.​ In the driver’s seat of an off-road car, he comes flying down a hill, before crashing through countless huge puddles of water, spraying mud all over the place.

He then proceeds to cause as much mayhem as possible, completely coating his camera in mud and water on a number of occasions, and I bet even he does not know why.

A Rude Awakening

[embedded content]

​If Costa has taught us anything, it’s that nobody is safe when he is around, not even his older brother Jair.

The Spaniard was clearly in the mood to celebrate the beginning of 2019, but Jair was not. So, in one of his Instagram stories (via ​Fotomac), Costa decided the best way to spread festive cheer was to throw some fireworks in a pan, leave the pan next to a sleeping Jair, and watch him as he almost leaps out of his skin.

Nothing like a bit of brotherly love.

A Free Makeover

So this one is cheating a bit, in that it’s actually on teammate Filipe Luis’ ​page. However, I think you’ll agree that it deserves it.

Back in January, when Costa was recovering from foot surgery, he proved that he was in high spirits by playing a little prank on Lucas Hernandez. The Frenchman was in the shower, so Costa decided to steal his clothes and spray them with a fire extinguisher, leaving them covered in powder and dust. Why? Well, why not?

Fortunately, Lucas saw the funny side of everything. Still in his underwear, the Frenchman marched outside and gave Costa’s car the same treatment. Maybe his fear of Costa’s revenge convinced him to move to ​Bayern Munich this summer.

The Best Way to Recover From Injury

[embedded content]

In May of this year, Costa suffered a nasty-looking ankle sprain, but he clearly isn’t too bothered about his recovery by the looks of his summer holiday posts.

One of his recent Instagram stories (captured by ​AS) shows Costa flinging himself off a huge cliff into the sea, which probably isn’t part of ​Atletico’s recovery plan for him.

To make matters worse, he then posted a ​video a few days later of him in another off-road vehicle. The striker can be seen flying around sharp corners and over jumps, which certainly isn’t most people’s idea of rest and relaxation. But hey, at least his ankle is feeling better.


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