Every Premier League Club Reimagined as Characters From The Simpsons

​Listen, we can all agree that The Simpsons should probably have ended some time ago now, as the show heads into their 31st season. 31st!

The golden days may be over but they live long in the memory, existing as one of the most recognisable forms of pop culture.

So, in honour of those golden days, here are all 20 Premier League clubs reimagined as characters from Springfield. 

Arsenal – Duff Man

Arsenal FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

Loud, brash, very much a brand, generally annoying even to their own fans.

The only real difference is that ​Duff Man is semi-loveable to the neutral, but the same can’t be said for ​Arsenal these days.

Aston Villa – Lenny Leonard

Jack Grealish

A side that no one really has anything against, ​Aston Villa’s relegation from the Premier League back in 2016 as they were, until that point, an ever-present. 

“Not Villa…not Villa!”

Lenny is probably a lot more loveable, but there’s a ​famous scene where he gets hit in the back of the head by an angry Homer, and it’s reminiscent of Jack Grealish getting similar treatment at Birmingham last season. Still, he had the last laugh…

Bournemouth – Ned Flanders

Eddie Howe

​Hens love roosters, geese love ganders, everyone else loves Eddie Howe!

Ah, ​Bournemouth, so charming, so inoffensive, so susceptible to be walked over every now and then. Never change, lads.

Brighton & Hove Albion – Marge Simpson

Neal Maupay

Much like their neighbours Bournemouth, ​Brighton are a largely inoffensive side. They are, however, a little more dull than the Cherries, landing them the role of Marge Simpson.

They also play in blue to match her hair, and in green to match her dress, which is a big help with the comparison.

Burnley – Nelson Muntz

Ashley Barnes

A nuisance renowned for their physicality, ​Burnley and Nelson are an easy comparison to make.

We imagine Sean Dyche would be a big fan of Nelson’s ‘hands-on’ approach of his peers. Go, little Ashley Barnes. Bully those centre-backs.

Chelsea – Homer Simpson​

Ross Barkley,Tammy Abraham,Willian

A little harsh some may say, but ​Chelsea always end up okay no matter what predicament they find themselves in. 

Miss out on top four? Win the Champions League. Don’t like your manager? You win a cup. Finish 10th in the league? Win the league the next year. ​​Dental plan? Lisa needs braces.

Crystal Palace – Lisa Simpson

Crystal Palace v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League

Yes, ​Crystal Palace ultras in the Holmesdale End, we hear you. No, we don’t care.

​Everton – Old Gill

Jordan Pickford

Poor ​Everton. Never good enough to win anything, never bad enough to be relegated and win in a lower league. Continually making the same mistakes to keep themselves in purgatory.

“Honey, you should have seen us with my last game, I…no, but we lost but came so close. This guy was as… Whose voice is that? Is that Fred? Aw, you said it was over! No don’t put him on-HELLO FRED, h-hi.”

Leicester City – Chester Lampwick

Claudio Ranieri,Kasper Schmeichel

​Okay, only hardcore Simpsons fans will understand this, so let’s give it some context.

In The Simpsons, there’s a popular TV show called ​Itchy and Scratchy which is hugely successful. One day, a random homeless man claims to have created the show, which is proven true, and instantly earns himself $800bn, leaving him set for life.

That’s ​Leicester and their 2015/16 title win. Came from nowhere, never have to achieve anything ever again.

Liverpool – Disco Stu

Liverpool v Everton - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round

A huge deal in the 1970s and spending a lot of the following decades trying to relive that glory, ​​Liverpool are lucky that retro are back in fashion. 

And also that they’re really good.

Manchester City – Mr Burns


Were you really expecting anyone else for ​Manchester City to be cast as? Rich, powerful, though we’re sure we’ll get some tongue-in-cheek comments about them not being old (wahey!).

​Manchester United – Abe Simpson

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Manchester City: Oh United, can’t you go more than five seconds without humiliating yourself?

*United draw to Rochdale*

​Manchester United: How long was that?

Old. Dittery. Bang on about the past. Next.

Newcastle United – Kirk Van Houten

Tottenham Hotspur v Newcastle United - Premier League

“We have 52,000 fans coming to my stadium every week, do you?”

​”We actually win football matches.”

Poor old ​Newcastle, can’t catch a break, the embodiment of a ​divorced dad after having fun in his heyday.

Norwich City – Maggie Simpson

Todd Cantwell

​Small, cute, shot Mr. Burns (beat Manchester City). Easy.

Sheffield United – Bart Simpson


They’re back in the big time and causing havoc with their overlapping centre-backs. Not sure Chelsea/Homer will be best pleased with that 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge.

Southampton – Reverend Lovejoy

Southampton FC v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League

The ​Saints are always around, but not that anyone really cares either way anymore​. Pretty much like the man of God himself.

Tottenham Hotspur – Milhouse Van Houten

Christian Eriksen,Kyle Walker-Peters,Dele Alli,Ben Davies,Erik Lamela,Eric Dier,Heung-Min Son

If Newcastle are Kirk, then ​Spurs are his wee offspring, hoping for a bright future, but probably just going to end up working at the cracker factory/having a really big stadium without much else.

Watford – Bumblebee Man

Jose Holebas

If you’re a person fond with nature who will dispute that hornets and bumblebees are not the same, don’t waste your time. Bumblebee Man essentially walks around in a ​Watford kit, and is prone to the odd accident, such as conceding eight goals at Man City (coincidentally, Bumblebee Man’s show is on Channel Ocho).

West Ham United – Moe Szyslak


Remember when Moe tried to turn the ​tavern into a swanky bar? That’s ​West Ham going from Upton Park to London Stadium. Until this summer, they were also notorious for being turned down by players out of their league, similar to Moe’s courtship of Marge.

Wolverhampton Wanderers – Ariaga II

Diogo Jota,Ruben Neves

​Wolves have signed all of your favourite stars from Portugal – Ariaga! Ariaga II! Bariaga! Aruglia! and Pizzoza!


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