Evra mocks ex-teammate Vidal

Patrice Evra mocked his former Juventus teammate Arturo Vidal following the move to Inter. ‘Being a Juventino is the only thing that counts.’

The Frenchman took to Instagram in order to share an old photograph of Juve stars Andrea Pirlo, Evra and Vidal walking out for the Italian Supercup.

“Pat, who is that behind you…?” asks Pirlo in a speech bubble.

“Dunno… unless I’ve lost my memory Maestro, this guy played with us before,” is Evra’s reply.

Behind them is Vidal, whose face has been covered up by a large emoji.

In the post, Evra writes: “Winning is not important, it’s the only thing that counts! But being a Juventino to the end is the only thing that counts too (sorry Vidal).”


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