Extra Time: Mourinho takes Real Madrid to Manchester City

The Spanish champions have confirmed they will train at the Etihad Stadium ahead of their crunch Champions League match with the Red Devils in search of a quarter-final spot


Jose Mourinho has further confirmed his status as a cheeky, cheeky man ahead of Real Madrid’s do-or-die clash with Manchester United next Tuesday.

The Portuguese boss has revealed his side will train in Manchester ahead of the tie… but at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium – not Old Trafford.

Now, Extra Time has seen Mourinho at his very best before – playing with sprinklers ahead of kick-off, discussing custard pies at press conferences and the like – but this new tactical ploy has to be considered a stroke of genius.

Tournament regulations dictate that competing sides must make their pre-match training open to the media and must either be played on home soil or the match venue.

But Mourinho’s new twist turns the complexion of the scenario completely on its head. The 50-year-old is no doubt aware of the threat of spies keeping an eye on training. And worse, the ‘Special One’ is no doubt aware that an appearance at Old Trafford may require a brief conversation with Sir Alex Ferguson himself.

Indeed, no one would want to risk that. No official explanation has been offered by Real Madrid for their decision but a source close to the club has exclusively revealed an ultra-secret, never-seen-before hand-written note from Mourinho himself to Extra Time.

It read: “Ha ha ha ha, I bet this will wind Sir Alex right up.”

Classy move, Jose. Classy move.

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