Goal against Ajax

Perhaps the better world that promises Mourinho in January, when they run out works in the staffing of Madrid, is closer than expected. The thing is to play every game better than the last, because after all the great teams are built on small progress. And last night was infinitely Madrid over the vapidity that hit with Osasuna on Saturday in ambition, dedication, intensity and finish. The match was a shooting on a huge Ajax goes a long way from his line, like Cruyff, Neeskens, Rep, Krol, Bergkamp, Van Basten and Sneijder had never been there.

The poor result explains the overwhelming superiority of Madrid, although at least enlarged the famous Stekelenburg. Conceded two goals in 35 shots. It came with the guardian angel.

The match left some certainties. First, it is better to play with one end none. Di Maria is office and Benzema no. And in Argentina, including playing the band changed, the Madrid was more vertical and deep. The Noodle has the audacity and the Dodge neighborhood football and if he played on the left would be just as dangerous and certainly less repetitive in cutting inside to look for the left. Seven bullets spent to do white.

It was also clear hierarchy Özil, it almost always what Guti past few days and others are not. Offers stride and break, you need a last pin. Will a second ahead of the game. The Bernabeu is crazy for loving.

Higuain. The German gave him the second goal to Higuain, a commendable front stubbornness for which there is no worry. He searched and searched the goal without falling into despair by their lack of marksmanship until the goal he found it. The first shared it with Anita. UEFA awarded the Dutchman and he did not discuss it. Almost apologized rather than celebrate. He then made the second to the empty, and cleared his conscience.

But before and after was a nightmare for the defense of Ajax. He deserved a better fate in a remote thread that brought back the bar in one of his eight shots against Stekelenburg.

On the dark side still Khedira Xabi Alonso, who come to the same thing. At least one should accept the role of llegador of second instance. Statistics say that the German ran nearly 12 miles to leave nothing in the public’s memory.

And then there’s the Christian case, determined to be a storm in a role of superhero autoexigirse no longer required and that the team also asked. He shot eleven times, some waiting in the wrong position that the goal will not redeem knows what.

In any case, your anxiety attacks was a matter less in a game that Madrid ruled by land, sea and air, especially from the left, where Marcelo dragged a lot, but then was prompt to return. No one but him can help Mourinho tactically. The Bernabeu was expecting a foretaste of the glory promised and already has it.

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