Goal against Mexico

Argentina is already in the quarter-finals. The selection albiceleste left in the lurch after beating Mexico by three goals to one. The Aguirre gave a good image and a collective game far superior to his rival enjoyed in the first quarter of an hour three clear chances to open the scoring, but the poor shooting and the crossbar prevented Americans Romero has achieved its deserved loot. At the edge of the half hour mark came the key play of the game. Italian Rosetti and his assistants ate a resounding Tevez offside in the rally that marked the first goal in Argentina. A serious error allowed Higuain Osorio mark the second of their own. Already in the second half, with Tevez sentenced to be one of the best World Cup goals, if not the best. ‘Chicharito’ pulled one back with twenty minutes remaining, but the target did not prevent the crossing in the quarter-final between Argentina and Germany.

The time came when it no longer worth the cabals, the point at which there was to look to other stadiums to know how lucky you were to run and the time at which the only goal difference that mattered was that was keeping the opponent in front of him. They reached the second round, risk everything in just ninety minutes. Argentina will face Mexico in the clear favorite lineup of history, apparently in what was the Mundial and the balance of clashes between the two combined, very favorable to the Albiceleste. Maradona Otamendi ushered by Jonas Gutierrez, Burdisso for the injured Sam and Maxi Rodriguez for Veron. Aguirre was brave and opted to start aligning ‘Chicharito Hernandez. ” The surrounding environment was confident Argentina, while the goal of Mexico was a surprise and reach the quarter-final place not visited since 1986.

After the first minute score between both teams, it was Messi who raised the public of their seats in the first ball that came to his boots and represented the first approach to the area rival Argentina, but safely. The first attempt albiceleste found a quick and powerful response from Mexico. The Aguirre enjoyed in just six of up to three times to break the deadlock. The first of these, the clearest, Salcido distant shot that crashed off the crossbar from Romero. A good move enabled Guardado Dos Santos for the player of Deportivo launched a shot that was very close to the bottom right of the goal rival. A third attempt with danger, this time from ‘Chicharito’ Hernández, made it clear that the U.S. selection did not renounce anything and went to the mash.

The chances were for Mexico and Argentina was unable to offer anything collectively. After Aguirre’s offensive, the party was cooled, the forces are matched and the match was reduced to a struggle for both teams to take control of the party. At the edge of the half hour mark the game was broken into pieces due to a blunder of collegiate Roberto Rosetti and his assistants. Italy’s first goal gave Argentina Tevez work after a huge game out of Manchester City after a pass from Leo Messi. The eleven men of the Mexican referee took on wings to the position of his assistant, but no protests by players desperate Aguirre or the obvious out of the game that was restored again and again in the stadium scoreboard prevented the atrocity football that was committed against Mexico thus validating the goal of ‘Apache’.

The injustice of which were full of nerves to the combined U.S. and that resulted in an approach without danger of Argentina to the area, Osorio gave her the second goal after missing Higuain when stepping on the ball. The Real Madrid striker took the ball and defined talent to a helpless ‘Rabbit’ Smith to climb the second much albiceleste score and almost final sentence the party and go to bed and their own. Hence the end of the first half both teams had chances, the clearest in the boots of Tevez, and is evident on the pitch the nerves that Mexicans had after the two unfortunate plays that got them to foot half out of the World. At the break, scoring the game unfair shown by both combined and created chances.

The second half began with movements in the ranks of Mexico. Aguirre withdrew for input Bautista Pablo Barrera, an unmistakable sign that the ‘Tri’ will not give up despite the obvious burden that the result meant that the score reflected. Mexico began the second act better, but that was well until seven minutes after the restart Tevez decided to convert his right leg in a howitzer cannon that launched a drone in the top left of the goal of ‘Rabbit’ Smith meant the third of Argentina’s ruling party, the pass to the quarterfinals of the Albiceleste and perhaps the best or one of the best goals that will be in the World Cup.

With the win and the party settlement, the Mexican coach made more substitutions to try to avoid the impossible hanging ball into the box consistently, victory Maradona of Argentina and its crossing with Germany in the quarterfinals on 3 July four in the afternoon at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town. In the absence of twenty minutes for the conclusion, ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez pulled one back with a good goal from inside the area after a final left-footed shot before which could do nothing Romero. The Mexican encouraged both men Aguirre, who dropped their arms at any time to find a second goal that allowed them to dream about the comeback, but was facing Argentina.

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