Goal against Milan

Inzaghi on one side and Mr. Webb for others. Madrid was seen as jeopardizing an encounter that was won in the first half and lost in 92 minutes. There was also a sin itself, naturally. Between Pepe and Casillas gave the tie and, in general, there was an unforgivable excess in accordance with the scoring in favor. If at the Bernabeu on avenging mannitol spared Madrid last night was left in the room three or four goals, not least the chance to finish with a rival and a ghost.

Meanwhile, long before the appearance of Inzaghi, Mr. Webb spent himself. Without dwelling on minor outrages, had good reason to expel two Milan players. Both had fallen before the draw: Inzaghi by running over Xabi Alonso and Abate, and admonished, by interrupting the Christian backlash with a grab. This last move was so obvious as to Xabi coz in the World Cup final. Since then, nothing happened, “follow, follow,” said an English expression that is more hurtful and descriptive, “follow, follow.”

If Madrid did not claim these actions is angry because he could not imagine that he eventually weigh as much. The first part had been almost a walk, the kind of ride that you can afford in San Siro, whistling through hell. It would be unfair what happened after (the referee, error, confusion) made us forget those great 45 minutes of absolute and sometimes very clear.

Since Higuain put to the test at 2 min Abbiati, Milan felt cornered. Only Ronaldinho left foot from his yard on the left, gave milanistas air puffs. The rest was the invasion of a formidable team, great, energetic, caring and stifling.

Several shots of Madrid brushed found sticks or gloves, but no better opportunity than the one generated from the right with a Palm unfold. Higuain headed the center to the far post and Pirlo took the ball over the goal line, not to comply, and then, again in the same situation to clear a shot by Di Maria. Pirlo’s situation, brain installed in the last frontier, shows the thrust Madrid.

When Higuain scored seemed to be justice. Mary Di hinting attended the shot and the team celebrated both as a final conquest, with real joy and much relief.

Then came the mess: Webb, Pepe, Inzaghi. The center missed by his love of the spectacular and Casillas seconded him with a way out of anything. Since the game instantly engattusó, you understand me. Milan midfielder took the stage and performed as touch, the roles of Barabbas and Jesus Christ. He also attended Inzaghi, who scored the second was offside.

Madrid did not react well, and had time. With Özil missing middle, launched an offensive that if it was paid off by the coolness of Xabi and Benzema, reflective in the pass, and the faith of Peter Leon, who cracked the cassock Abbiati to save the face of Madrid remember the fortunes of Milan.

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