Goal against Murcia

Beyond the win and jump to eighth without knocking down the bar, the party will go down in history as the first in which Mourinho was sent off the bench for Madrid, the red will come not so much charm. Viewers who later became co-graders also have a story to tell. And, of course, the referee stops Romero, whose curriculum, sports or work, always begin by tonight, 38 minutes, the time gave an order to Mourinho Mourinho and obeyed. That is the power, including erotic.

The reasons for expulsion are not important. The coach became entangled with the fourth official on the outskirts of the technical area and their complaints were raised to the authority in charge. Mourinho sent into exile, the stadium reacted as if they had expelled Butragueño or any other angelic being. With anger, indignation and be amazed with some maternal instinct. Also that Mourinho has done miracle. The critic Bernabéu has surrendered to his magnetism and grandmother has become protective of me not to touch the child.

Coincidence or not (shake, perhaps we are puppets in the hands of Mou), thereafter the Madrid did not fail to earn good news. Just five minutes later, and while Mourinho was still compromise between the people, Higuain scored the second goal. The Murcia claimed offside and he was right. Although Ramos avoided with a jump ball contact, with the goalkeeper position, taken almost the arm, was an element of embarrassment and distraction.

With half time ahead, the plot seemed exhausted and the party also. However, Mourinho came up again, grown in punishment. While others have chosen to allocate minutes among the disadvantaged, he, after the break, gave entrance to Xabi Alonso and Cristiano Channels and Higuain.

It is easy to imagine that the only Real Madrid did not hold the movement was Canales, who was said and did so again later, at a press conference. The truth is that it was not his night, but the lack of inspiration is accused of a lack of nerve and joy. So are opportunities to enjoy them, to go giving kisses.

Had more interest Barn, author of a formidable goal that speaks volumes of his right foot and his previous tarsus. Just missed more continuity, as Pedro Leon, another variable talent, more tormented than happy. If something became clear when the beasts came out was the enormous difference between regular and alternate energy.

You see, if not. Cristiano scored the third a pass from Di Maria to the outside. The Argentine led to the penalty of the room (candy for Benzema) and Xabi took fifth with a lucky free kick deflected by half red. Everything between winks and smiles.

The Murcia, as in the field, did not resolve the transition from defense to attack. They looked at the order, but were diluted from the waist up. Xabi’s penalty and a goal from Peter rewarded his efforts, not its bite. I have the consolation of seeing everything up close and Mourinho in the stands. That story is also yours.

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