Goal against Sporting Gijon

The eleven great Real Madrid are above the top eleven of Sporting, which are those that came out yesterday and saved Preciado against Barca in the shade or the temperature of Mercury which was played at The Molinón. But the match was bastard eve of final whistle and Madrid won the sprint and hold the wheel to a growing and stubborn opponent backs and a goal by Higuain, Casillas miraculous hand and a decisive breakthrough finally Benzema yes yesterday addressed the team orders.

Sporting always touted at Madrid. Prepared a rugged game, legitimized in its harshness for the environment, and was disconnecting rival initial good intentions to disfigure. Preciado box was only surpassed in the first quarter of an hour when he entered Benzema. Everything that made the French had good sense, since its attitude to the last pass, cutting the ears. Also that header eight minutes from time that opened the gates of heaven to Higuain.

Sporting bet it all to the courage, a brave and united pressure, and was squeezing the seams to an adversary without sacrificing superior pole syrup. In six minutes he had three fouls Cristiano Ronaldo had some deterrent effect. It was going to play in parallel 38.

Madrid broke through, starting with the push of Marcelo, lateral definitely great although Brazil does not know him, and sparks of Özil, soon stepped aside in this match for marines. Planted his pass to Higuain to John Paul and his cross shot ran into the pole. It was not the only lying thrust of Argentina. German, however, there was heard nothing. Passes cold without shelter at the Bernabeu.

Preemptions. Thereafter, Sporting took away all the sympathy to the grieving. His two managers, Rivera and Eguren, took the thread, Lora, lateral nerve placated Christian; Botía and Gregory closed the center, and even Diego Castro, the rattle of these troops are pulled twice Casillas. It also promoted continuous blackouts in the game that were discouraging to Madrid.

At that stage muddy, inhospitable, harsh and without beauty, Madrid, without sagging, it went badly, with Pepe dangerously intemperate and never finding a Di Maria, who begins to run out of legs, or Christian, with whom there was no clemency (the kick that took the red Botía was ugly), nor to Higuain, too much time away from the area of operations.

But the minutes and invited the Sporting effort to break ranks. First swallowed a diagonal of Di Maria who saved Juan Pablo. After a legal goal by Higuain, a center fellow, invalidated by an excess of view of an assistant Turini. Another cost him two points last year. Teixeira, who was then a coat of Kaka imagined that never existed. Higuain did not address himself face to face with Juan Pablo and his shot too Sangoy crossed after receiving a great pass from Rivera.

Things had begun to shift, almost all good for Madrid, where Benzema came into the game. Higuain went right and Di Maria in the shower. And that coldness that is sometimes so annoying Frenchman had a devastating effect. Entered without the heater on the other, with the clarity that it could not find the rest and searched inside and out. John Paul took a shot distant miracle. Marcelo ordered the side netting his deep service. And with nine minutes stung a header (claimed lack of Gijón is undetectable) that John Paul guessed without not putting a foot Higuain. It was the goal. Sporting reply was even with a clean header at point-blank that took Casillas Barral and guardian angel. A stop limit for a party to the limit.

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