Greece 0-2 Argentina

B Argentina beat Greece to win as any Greek team lurking behind any letter of the alphabet. And sent her home: no nostalgia. Three games, three wins, the team of Maradona. Jet esteem and Sunday, eighth with Mexico. Already in 2006 were: Argentina 2-1 with that goal by Maxi near the end, a chutazo huge recall.

Yesterday I had the epic of this special it is striker Martin Palermo. The striker has played fewer … and the less time you need to score a goal. Good luck to them so far refused to Milito, Aguero, Tevez and Messi himself. But not him. In his 36 years at a World Cup debut and scored. A guy who knows how to be at the right time. He did it against Peru in the last minute of the penultimate game of the playoffs, tied with Argentina in Buenos Aires and almost out of the World. One came, a plug for a vital 2-1. At a touch, like last night. As the best Hugo Sanchez.

His goal ended a game in a World Cup classic between a ranked team and another that seeks the carom. Argentina dominated and finished to bring holiness to Tzorvas, Greece goalkeeper. Shots of all the colors of a albiceleste led by Messi, captain in the absence of Mascherano and Bolatti. Maradona remained only three starters, Leo, Demichelis and Romero. The central Bayern did the 1-0, goal preceded by failure as that of Heinze to Nigeria at the premiere. It was 77 minutes and it seemed that football was going to make another nod to the Argentine attack: two games decided by three defenders with the powder you have.
But he was.

Palermo. A player born to be a hero, dedicated Angel Cappa, now facing River, Martin, Boca blood. The one place in field goal by Villarreal Levante a tibia and fibula was broken by a falling fence top. Who missed three penalties in one game: against Colombia in the Copa America 99. That put a header from midfield for the rebound of a doorman struck him, impossible to do it somewhere else. The afternoon was broken a ligament, called the change and while waiting … Marked! A life of film shot yesterday a new chapter.

It’s his last World Cup and already celebrated in style. Greece was unable to hold anything, incidentally. It has so little football! Bet on the 0-0 and left over 13 minutes. Until he broke the pitcher both go to the source with Di Maria of soda and well. Argentina rides, yes. With or alternates. Maradona smiles when launched comes H. Perhaps more than I expected. But really strong.
messi, the youngest captain

Messi yesterday wore the captain’s armband in Argentina, becoming the youngest in the history of the albiceleste in a World Cup for 22 years. Maradona it was at 26 and Daniel Passarella carried the bracelet 25.

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