Higuain arrived in Los Angeles

Third day in Los Angeles where the main novelty was the presence of Gonzalo Higuain. The Argentine joined yesterday at the team’s training and has been put under the command of Mourinho, who is slowly regaining strength. The Portuguese now has 20 players. Fifteen of the first team, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe, Diarra, Lass, Pedro León, Barn, Dudek, Adam, Benzema, Gago, Marcelo, Garay, Drenthe, Higuain and Di Maria, plus five homegrown-Morata, Tebar, Juanfran, Alex and Nacho.

Mourinho continues with the development team. This third day’s work has returned to assume a physical beating for a template that begins to acknowledge the hard training. And is that players are giving everything in tough sessions.

The training began with exercises and short continuous running series of sprint speed boost. He was the only time when the ball was not present. Afterwards, Mourinho template divided into four groups on the lawn of the University of UCLA. Players had to control the ball and in less than two touches the ball drop. They stayed about fifteen minutes.

The next phase of training was again a replica of the previous session. Work pressure on the ball at maximum speed to go with the ball to the opposite field. Two key priorities in the framework of the concept of football Mourinho.

The ball movement is another of the great obsessions of the coach of Real Madrid. You want your players move quickly and in a few strokes, the ball from one field to another. Combinations fast and accurate with the ball to drain the opposing team the ball chasing.

Mourinho decided to lower the piston a little and held two rounds where the players had a great chipping between them. The laughter and good vibes were the prevailing note though not lacking competitiveness, something you love to coach Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo, who saw it does not like losing either in the rounds. After these fun exercises, which served to relax the group, return to work tactically. Again, the movement of equipment, both in defense and attack. Mourinho again and again crushed their players to the concepts of suffocating pressure, theft, speed, openness and speed bands in arrivals to the area.

During sided game could see a good level both Di Maria as Higuain, who start training despite the group was very participatory. The session ended with the players stretching on the lawn, which returned this afternoon hours for the second closed session of the day. For tomorrow, Mourinho gives the players a break and have morning free. In the afternoon, from 17:00 (02:00 in Spain), back to training again in private.

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