Higuain: “My favourite moments”

“El Pipita” has got an interview with “Uefa.com”, and he talked them about his best moments in 2009.

“My favourite moments of 2009 were my debut with Argentina, qualifying to play in the 2010 World Cup and becoming Real Madrid’s top scorer. The last thing made me very happy. We are growing as a team this season.”

“I hope every game I play is the best in my career at that moment, but I believe my best performances have yet to come. I don’t care about whom we face. I just want Real Madrid to play well.”

“It would be beautiful to end my career on this team. Real Madrid and its city are my second home. It would be fantastic. I would like Madridistas to remember me as a humble and hard working person. People remember you better when you win titles and they recall how you used to play. I would like to be remembered as being a great person.”

“I would like to win both La Liga and the Champions League this year. I wish everyone to have good health, a job and happiness in 2010.” – said Higuain.

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