Kean: ‘Thankful to Allegri and Ancelotti’

Italy international Moise Kean thanks Max Allegri and Roberto Mancini for putting their faith in him and is taking his mother to Paris.

The 20-year-old striker has already completed two big transfers in his career, moving from Juventus to Everton, then on loan to PSG.

“Allegri, Ancelotti and Mancini helped me a great deal, as they helped me to grow,” Kean told RAI Sport.

“Allegri launched my career at Juve and allowed me to reach this level. As for Mancini, he put his faith in me for the Italy squad and I want to repay him for that.”

There is one figure that is more important than any other in Kean’s life and that is his mother.

“She is my best friend, my sister, she is everything for me. I have a very close relationship with her and I can only thank her. She’ll come to live in Paris with me, as I’ll take her everywhere with me.”


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