Levante 0 – 0 Real Madrid

Real Madrid have gone to play little, lack understandable at this stage, to seem mad, something more disturbing. Since the dock transmits a tension that stimulates very little to the players themselves and much to outsiders. Yesterday was expelled Dr. Hernández, to give you an idea. And I suspect that when Mourinho was faced with Del Horno, who was accused of faking an attack (and there were true Christian kick), the civil and military Levante became the party in a personal matter and the stage in a castle. It is no longer fighting against Madrid generic idea, but against Mourinho vociferous and, by extension, against the Christian exasperated.

I’m off the damage caused to the image of the club the use of antipathy and philosophy of life, just consider the effect sports. And found no benefit. No more footballers seem freed by the sacrifice of their permanent coach. Or more ordered, or happier. On the contrary. Madrid in the first half was a bad version of the team from other years: static and broken in half. Only defense has improved, thanks particularly Casillas application, although not located there the main problems of a team that last season was 96 points in the league. The essential problem was, and remains, leaving the ball, his movement, props, uncheck movements, the choreography.

The Levant had yesterday the great merit of not dismount with cyclothymia of Madrid, capable of alternating flashes and depression. After 20 minutes of flushing, the host felt relieved that the party was on the back of Del Horno, fought half a dozen rivals, including Mourinho. Such proliferation in the unrest stirred both distracted Levante Madrid, which he saw the cardboard.

There were no breakthroughs, only raw confirmations. Namely: Guti Özil is good and the bad, and yesterday the worst hit; Khedira not offer a leap in quality and Di Maria is a remarkable left-exile loses the right size. And the last: Christian, rather than an understanding friend, you need a coach.

Madrid had chances because we always take them. But should not this be the excuse appellant. Queen took a great header from Christian in the first half and defused at the last minute face to face with Higuain. The rest I missed the Madrid, right. Although it is true that the Levant led to those mistakes with a Stakhanovite work. Even enjoyed their minutes of fame came when Del Horno and the band teamed up with Ruben.

Progress. If the mother grew up in the last part was because Pedro Leon entered the field, so simple. Their excesses opened a leak in the defense and filled the area and passing balls hanging between the lines. Less brilliant was the contribution of Benzema, which shot only remember that if it was dangerous, it is because the goalkeeper turned the ball in trout.

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  1. shakira

    Real madrid played really well against levante. They had a lot of shots on target and should have won. But I am stil proud of my team!!!! Real madrid 4 life

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