Marchisio: ‘Juve-Napoli had to be postponed’

Former Juventus hero Claudio Marchisio claims the Old Lady’s match against Napoli should have been postponed in advance.

The former Italy international believes the ‘decisions’ should have arrived before the scheduled match last Sunday, when Juventus turned up to play against a Partenopei side blocked from travelling.

A verdict and an outcome of the controversial match is expected next week, but Marchisio thinks Serie A should have postponed the match after Genoa announced several positive tests in the matchday group from Napoli-Genoa.

“On Juve-Napoli we needed more important and serious decisions before last Sunday,” Marchisio told Le Parole Della Settimana on Rai 3. “Because Napoli had played against Genoa, who had the biggest outbreak in Serie A.

“Napoli risked infecting not only the Juventus players but others given the imminence of the national games.

“Luckily there were no further positives, but the match had to be postponed.”


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