Mourinho: Players peform better when they have competition

Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho has stressed the importance of competition within his squad of players, after coming in for criticisim for dropping club captain Iker Casillas for the 3-2 loss to Malaga in December.

The Portuguese has insisted that he has not lost faith in his skipper, instead highlighting the importance of striking a balance between trusting in his players and keeping them competitive.

“All positions are positions of trust, I think it is important for all players, not just for goalkeepers. All players are important,” he told reporters at a press conference.

“I don’t think it’s best for any player to be in a permanently comfortable zone. Trust is important, but also competitiveness, and what we have to do is try to find the exact point of balance [between the two].

“I think players reach their best levels of play between trust and competitiveness.”

Mourinho, one of the candidates for Coach of the Year at the Ballon d’Or ceremony, revealed he would not be attending the event in Zurich on Monday.

“I’m not attending the Ballon d’Or gala, I have a Copa del Rey match on Wednesday against Celta and I have to work.”

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