Mourinho's face looks like his backside – Lo Monaco

The flamboyant Italian has issued an alarming condemnation of the Madrid boss’ looks and his coaching skills

Messina owner Pietro Lo Monaco has renewed his war of words with Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, claiming the Portuguese trainer’s “face looks like his backside”.

Mourinho angered Lo Monaco shortly after taking charge of Inter in the summer of 2008 when he claimed that he had never heard of the then Catania sporting director, and the two have enjoyed a tense relationship ever since.

“Mourinho’s face looks like his backside,” Lo Monaco told Sky Sport when questioned about his relationship with the Madrid coach.

“He knew very well who I was at the time. We had met when I was with Brescia and he was part of Barcelona’s staff. He wanted to meet our coach back then.

“He was playing a character, a comedian. He’s not worth much as a coach, but he’s one of the best motivators in the world.”

Mourinho left Inter for Real Madrid in the summer of 2010, and has since won the Copa del Rey and La Liga with the Santiago Bernabeu side.

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