One against Santander

Racing 0:2Real Madrid

Madrid has become an expert in happy endings. No matter how the game has been (vulgar, yesterday), it always finds a cherry for garnish. When Homer is not a comeback, we are on a goal by Higuain (24) or the endearing debut of Mark Alonso, the son and grandson of historical players, Cantabrians to be exact.

That’s enough to make irrelevant the rest of the game, 75 minutes or so. Above all other considerations imposed the result and the sheaf of statistics that accompany it. Not to mention the lead. And anyone who dares criticize the risk of being buried under a mountain of goals, points, and filing cabinets.

That said, the Madrid did not play well. And when I play, and to address the philosophical debate, I mean the first three meanings in the dictionary, which mentioned terms such as entertaining, fun or frolic. There was little or nothing about it. It seemed rather that no other defense that the order entered (this is not discussed), the party was for free inspiration of genius that circulate there, that is enough.

This made the goals, disconnected from any play. In the first Christians attacked in the race were bruises and such tragic consequences for the defense as for Racing. Penalty resounding lack of central old who can not bear the insolence of the roadrunner. Gol de Cristiano.

In both the second and final had to be Guti, just fifteen minutes on the pitch, who cleared the horizon of legs and obstacles. His pass over the area of conflict and reached Higuain, who controlled with class and scored as if no doorman. In this case, of course, stands notwithstanding the great strikers ignored the goalkeeper, get over it as if’re on the go and dodge a pedestrian with mittens.
As usual.

In a nutshell, that’s it. Cristiano e Higuain more talent that is incorporated. Yesterday was Guti, on that play, and throughout the game Gago, who seems more than risen, seems happy. And now feature suppression, already known, but its verticality. Football is rare and few feet, but are much more strange heads.

The Racing kept the pulse to the Christian goal. In this installment had before her only real chance. Channels Tchité looked in depth causing the output of Casillas and returned the loose ball at the feet of the boy, who sought the Vaseline with the right leg, which had for bad. I was ten centimeters. Or less.

While it lasted Channels, Racing was called. When the boy went out (after half an hour, this can only blame), the team continued to be willful, but was naked, sickly and flat. Where there is no goal, over years. Because seniority is what we call as a theoretical concept and spiritual, but it soon when she faces or touches dribble Cristiano Arbeloa. So age is manifested as a rigidity that squeaks like old door hinges, beautiful, whole and unvarnished, but old.

Higuain’s goal finished by destroying the host. Guti shot against the crossbar and Madrid in general lived his best riding on the surrender of Racing. Christian finished off a great pass high Higuain, Raul also had a penalty chance and Christian made to clear the ball with one arm. The referee, however, was not necessary as punishment.

The rest is math: sum Madrid twelve game winning streak and will lead to the classic. It takes one hundred goals this season. Maybe something is happening up there do not appreciate the one below, the letters. (you can see the goals in the page videos)

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