One goal against Valencia

We have a season, and maybe more, pointing out as the main value of the Real Madrid their ability to overcome the difficulties. We have even developed a theory that personality as a child prodigy who finds inspiration in the problems and boredom in everyday life. So it should not surprise us that the team would react in this crossroads and he did so with good football. But we were surprised. When expecting another torturous test, another test the limit of strength, the mother completed the best game of the season. It is possible that system did not lack, but the abyss.

The first half concentrates the best of the host. From the initial sitting warned several players a smile that worried us about the lack of custom. After a while we found that there were players happy, either by boat or tie the level of the marshes. The fact is that satisfaction was reflected in the game. Except for Guti, the real cost of wind is favorable, the rest of the team settled the match and enjoyed it.

Valencia, meanwhile, surprised by dispassionate. Every time I played I did respond to the siege with the coldness of Android, as if instead of reasons the team was filled with cables. Neither anger differed in their cons, no fire in its pressure, or the general mood corresponded with the importance of the event.

This attitude of the opponent favored fine Xabi address and Gago. This time the movement made sense because it led to the extremes, where Cristiano Marcelo and applied. The permanence of the latter on the right wing was the first and refreshing novelty. For half an hour of extreme Christian fought battles which saw almost always wins. Not to mention the width to win the Madrid thereby opening the field. I will not be seeking to restrict freedom of genius, but no picture more sensible than seven Christian.

The first goal confirmed the feelings, even if disconnected from the collective virtues and the virtues of girt Higuain. When all expected a back control, let it roll forward a pass from Guti and ran after him like a rabbit. In this turn broke the Valencia defender and shot later showed that everything is learned, even the goal. We also understood that it can be quick thinking fast.

The Madrid made its way to the second and the third, and the visitor was enough to stand up to roam the first two occasions very clear. In one case it was Casillas who repelled a header from Alexis and the other was Mata who began to see the murderer’s hand in face of goal.

The Valencia jumped into the grass in the second half and was not the same. Apparently there was more change than the addition of Joaquin by Paul, but something must have happened in there because the robots and bleeding.

After Marcelo admitted that intercepted Caesar Villa tested from a distance with a shot that looked like a serpent sting. And then the whole Valencia took two steps forward.

With the game broken, Pellegrini said the danger and ushered Lass by Gago. The following was a fantastic shot of the squad Silva, it was not enough, to be unique. If the Bernabéu did not fall prey to the fear was due to lack of time. In his umpteenth foray, Marcelo focused back and found a Christian, marked by low. The way we celebrate it clear that in every goal you remove a burden. And it is his desire to fulfill what makes him eager to sin.

You see. When this ends, it starts to play Madrid. I do not know if it is late, but it will be nice.

You can see the goals in the page videos.

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