Premier League Clubs to Hold Talks Over Changing Summer Transfer Deadline

​Premier League clubs will meet on 12 September to discuss whether to change the summer transfer window deadline.

English sides had to finish all of their business before 17:00 on 8 August – the final day before the start of the top-flight season – whereas some leagues on the continent will still be able to sign players until September 2.

Moritz Leitner,Mohamed Salah

​Sky Sports write that ‘several’ unnamed ​Premier League teams are keen on extending the deadline to bring it more in line with those in mainland Europe.

No decision will be reached at the hearing, which will instead aim to assess the thoughts of officials at the 20 clubs in the first division.

If a vote is deemed necessary, the likeliest time for it to take place would be at the next scheduled conference in November. Failing that, a ballot could be held after the turn of the year.

In 2017, only five sides voted against bringing the deadline forward to before the beginning of the season, with both ​Manchester City and ​United doing so, as well as Swansea City, ​Watford and ​Crystal Palace​Burnley chose to abstain, whilst the remaining 14 were in favour of the change.

It would take a majority of 11 or more to overturn the ruling, whereas 14 were required when the initial alterations were made two years ago.

FIFA is thought to prefer a single deadline that applies to all clubs in Europe. There is also a desire to make adjustments from a number of top-flight managers, including ​Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp and ​Tottenham Hotspur’s Mauricio Pochettino.


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