Premier League Kits 2019/20: Every Home Shirt Ranked From Worst to Best

To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld; in sports, everything from the players to the coaches to the stadiums of your favourite team changes, so you are basically left just supporting the kits. 

Well, in 21st-century football (or soccer to Jerry) even those change every year too. 

With the new Premier League season barrelling over the horizon like Harry Maguire marauding into the penalty box for a set-piece, it’s high time for an entirely subjective ranking (filled with deeply personal biases) of all 20 of the brand new ​Premier League home kits for 2019/20 now we know how the teams will be togged up.

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20. Southampton​

​​A kit so vile that even when Huddersfield and Paddy Power made a deliberately repellent ‘banter’ shirt it wasn’t nearly as bad.

Still, Southampton’s social team made a funny launch video so that makes up for a season of having to wear it, maybe?

19. Norwich City

Colours fading into each other, check. God awful oversized betting sponsor, check. Unnecessarily busy collar and shoulders, check and check. This is crummy kits 101 stuff.

​18. Newcastle United

It’s almost like Mike Ashley designed this kit himself as another way of getting at the souls of the Newcastle fans.

Chunky stripes? Puma logo on top of a centred badge? Giant, ugly betting company sponsor in a massively incongruous colour? It’s not a great time to be a Toon fan, is it?

17. Sheffield United

The kit itself is actually fine. You know what, it’s actually nice. That sponsor though…shudder.

16. Crystal Palace

Recent Crystal Palace kits are inherently quite unattractive, for me. There’s something about the colour combo and tendency to make them overly busy. This one is not really any exception.

Away kit is a lot of fun to be fair.

15. Wolverhampton Wanderers

A huge downgrade on last season’s delight. It just seems more garish than 2018/19 and, yes, obviously the sponsor is atrocious. 

14. Burnley

Oh good, another betting company sponsor.

13. Everton

Umbro’s design team have given it some welly, which is nice to see, but the overall result strays into ‘just a bit naff’ territory.

It’s also physically impossible to imagine a trophy presentation for a team wearing Angry Birds on their sleeves.

12. Manchester City

Purple is an odd trim choice but it just about works…does it?

My completely irrational perception is that it isn’t a ‘champions’ kit, whatever that means. 

11. Bournemouth

See Burnley.

10. Brighton & Hove Albion

Purely on looks, it’s one of the better designs, no doubt, but there is barely any change from last season’s effort bar a couple of added stripes. Oh and now the Nike logo is now gold. So there’s that.

9. West Ham United

The top on its own is lovely but seeing it as a full ensemble I remain a little unconvinced. Although, I realise I’m in the minority. 

Possibly blue shorts would’ve been better. The Umbro logo should surely be in claret too, no?

8. Manchester United

Huge improvement on last season. Good looking kit that has avoided the cardinal sin of over-design. Big badge works, but the ’99 references probably need to stop now.

7. Aston Villa

Like Burnley’s, but better.

Ignore the people in the image who look like they would call you ‘clean shirt’ and ask if you could buy them alcohol outside the off-licence.

6. Leicester City

There aren’t mega changes since last season but the chequered pattern and the gold are nice touches. 

5. Watford

The sponsor is an eyesore but that’s applicable to a solid 75% of all kits here in the ex-Barclays. 

Black and yellow halves (presumably inspired by Watford’s tendency to have two wildly contrasting halves to the season) is a nice look, especially with the bits of red trim. Well done all involved.

4. Chelsea

Yes, it looks like a training kit but training kits are great. More of this.

3. Tottenham Hotspur

When less is very much more. Inspired by Spurs’ trophy cabinet (weyyyy banter), Nike have gone minimalistic and the result is really lovely.

2. Liverpool

New Balance have fluctuated between the iffy and the sublime with their kit designs but this is definitely in the latter category. Why don’t all teams wear pinstripes?

1. Arsenal

The obvious choice (sorry) but it is a stone cold classic. 

One for future hipsters to wear to five-a-side with ‘Jenkinson’ emblazoned on the back.


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