PSG are Ronaldo's most likely destination, says Canizares

The former Valencia and Real Madrid goalkeeper believes that the 28-year-old is tired of playing second fiddle to Lionel Messi, but will probably elect to say at the Bernabeu

Former Real Madrid goalkeeper Santiago Canizares believes that Paris Saint-Germain would be Cristiano Ronaldo’s most likely destination should he decide to leave the club.

The Portuguese admitted that he is unhappy at the Bernabeu in September, prompting a wave of speculation in linking him with an exit, and the former Spain international thinks France could be a possible destination.

“Cristiano is a little tired of losing against Barcelona,” he told Le10Sport.

“He is suffering a lot. He has won the league only once since he arrived. It is very hard to lose against Barca all the time. Around the world, we talk about Messi and then Ronaldo. He wants to be better than Messi but he cannot.

“If he leaves Madrid, it may be a possibility for him to change country and play in a league he does not know. He has already played and won titles in England, and I do not think he will go back to go to Manchester City or Chelsea.

“In Italy there is a restriction on wages so he won’t go there. In Germany, there is Bayern, but they are not a club who bet heavily on stars, they have a different mentality.

“There are not many teams to turn to and it is clear that that Paris Saint-Germain are the great rival to Real Madrid on this issue.

Canizares, who began his career with los Blancos, thinks that a Ronaldo exit would be catastrophic for the club but is confident he will stay.

“Real Madrid cannot think of building a team in Spain or Europe without Cristiano. Without him, they have no chance. But I think he will stay. Cristiano and Real Madrid is a marriage that will last many years.

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