Pulcini: ‘All negative and available at Lazio’

Lazio health manager Ivo Pulcini confirmed ‘the whole team tested negative’ for coronavirus and will ‘be available’ against Juventus at the Olimpico.

After having been limited to play without a host of key players like Ciro Immobile, Lucas Leiva, Luis Alberto and Manuel Lazzari against Zenit St Petersburg during the midweek, reports regarding the COVID-19 situation at Lazio are still coming thick and fast.

The first report from La Gazzetta dello Sport revealed three positive cases found in the tests carried out at the Biomedical Campus in Rome, but Calciomercato.com later revealed the second round of swabs at the laboratory in Avellino came back negative for all players.

The health manager Pulcini spoke to ANSA and confirmed Simone Inzaghi will have all at his disposal against the Bianconeri on Sunday.

“The whole team group tested negative for the molecular test and is available to Simone Inzaghi as early as tomorrow, absolutely yes,” Pulcini told the news agency.

“We have already reported everything to the ASL [the local health authority].

The chief medic confirmed the molecular tests prevails the rapid tests from Rome.


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