Real Madrid 1-0 Sevilla

In a rage of Madrid Sevilla died a good purpose at first and little integrity in the end, when the game resulted in a tavern fight. Mourning walked into the tense and unpleasant when Madrid draw was hurt by Clos, who drove with extreme rigor Carvalho, he wiped a clear penalty Barn and was overwhelmed by the general moodiness (ten yellow and two red) and got three points of his indignation. And from the Bernabeu, which pushed the victory with a computer crash left for the inspiration, but still clinging to the League for pride.

Without Xabi Alonso, Real misplaced, does not know where to start and he grows a little anxiety from the waist up. I caught the first Sevilla, who wanted to take advantage before the first corner. He leaned a lot in the opening minutes made two cautionary entries and tangled ball out of Madrid. That confluence of distance runners, with Lass, Khedira, Zokora and Romaric suing a small piece of floor space, bogged down the game and favored Sevilla, which fell from a gaseous state in recent weeks offered solid for several minutes yesterday. Is willing to get out of the doldrums.

Thus, the Madrid missed a line or two with his long game, a misreading of the party that took very little to Palop, Sevilla because plants were used and their side and Konko, who lent a hand, applied and sealed . That game ate Christian unfriendly, well defended with a support system, to Özil player, irregular heartbeat, and especially Benzema. Now it’s him or anyone. And it gives you a reserve of patience for what it really cost and is suspected of hiding a lot, but returned to play below zero, without enthusiasm or intensity, often camping out of the game, unequivocal sign of permanent neglect. He took two steps back.
Sevilla occasions.

Thus, the party served cold, Sevilla remained comfortable, only allowed Cristiano distant shots and walked near the goal on a free kick stopped by Casillas Romaric and mano a mano squandered by Negredo, long the best attacker Sevilla’s Luis Fabiano left a pale as Benzema. Pepe was also a dam, very fast, intuitive, with temperament and without transfers.

But the Madrid attack moved the nerve to attack outrage. And that reactivated. Mourinho had withdrawn Benzema and Khedira, Planises, and decided to hunt cats: Cristiano was pointed, Barn exceeded by one notch to Lass and Pedro Leon enabled right. And that dance when walking the Madrid Clos him out the second yellow for a header Carvalho Negredo a jump in which it was not clear its desire to attack. And burned the Bernabeu.

Mourinho risked, left the team in the open with a lag of three and the whole band left to Di Maria, the more excited and active in the new situation. And in this frenzy heartbreaking, the Madrid ran over Sevilla, dwarfed by the bravery of the opponent and the crowd. A penalty Barn, definitely the closest thing to Xabi Alonso who lives in the template, even lit the match and set the stage of the goal that started with a slalom Özil, stopped with a shot of Pedro León intercepted by Zokora and ended at the foot of the marathon Di Maria, who no angle made the most of an outing with little sense of Palop. He slipped the ball through the eye of the needle. A maneuver surgeon, an insurmountable three-point goal for Sevilla, definitely lost in the final brawl. Hot was worse than the Madrid and paid.

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