Real Madrid 1-1 Barcelona

In many ways, yesterday’s game was perfect for Mourinho, not thrashed out, avoided defeat and ended with ten players, which he feeds the discourse for the next few days. Real Madrid coach rightly complain because Alves had to be sent off in the penalty Marcelo, but that fact does not justify his approach, very similar to that deployed with Inter on his visit to Camp Nou. He then explained that his scheme was influenced by the expulsion of Motta (28 ‘) and this time you might say ahead of the destination and played as if directed to field ten players visitor. The other perspective, subversive certainly suggests that Barcelona still sentenced the league, after tying a match deservedly dominated for long minutes as I had thought.

But Let us place ourselves in the first minute exposure intentions. The idea of ​​Madrid was basic, if not prehistoric, wait, biting and stealing and, once recovered the ball long to launch Christian or Di Maria. Xabi and Khedira converted quarterbacks and other athletes. Real Madrid fans that there were satisfied to learn that there was a plan, even as petty as this: rugby or pieces. As an orphan has come to feel the love, so in need of a guide is that any way you look good if you do not return, as every year, the starting line.

Possession. Barca took a few minutes to absorb this approach. Leader visited the Bernabeu as Madrid advantaged and gave him the ball and field. At times, the situation was Kafkaesque. If Barcelona had not crossed midfield, the game had ended in a goalless disconcerting. However, the ship crossed the line, and made between the boos from the stadium, most of which has ended up part of the schizophrenia of the coach. Quarter hour, the possession of the visitor and reached 81%, which at one time had more than enough as an argument to dismiss the coach.

In the end, Mourinho had decided that the team’s image was that of Peter, as Pepe, fierce marker in midfield, he became a major player in the scheme. For several minutes Messi scored the man, something like what he did last season when Almería placed on Xavi Chico, you will remember. Nobody thought then Hugo Sanchez, technical visitor, as a shrewd strategist and innovative. Quite the contrary.

Should be recognized that Pepe overwhelmed Messi stole a number of balls and a few splintered shin. Ie fulfilled. It is also true that Real Madrid went three or four times and had drawn his coach, firing arrows Di Maria and Christian. That led to five corner kicks and a couple of fouls on Cristiano frontal chute with different risk. In a corner, precisely, was the best local chance, a header by Cristiano (44 ‘) aborted by Adriano in the same goal line.

In return, the club dominated with relish, with little depth, but mature slowly, making progress on each attack. At 18 ‘, Casillas prevented Messi scored twice in his only forays behind the plants. At 28 ‘, Villa was shot down by Iker and the referee missed the penalty. The play was based on that which claimed the Madrid in the first round, and Valdes Christian protagonists.

As shown, two radically different systems offered similar returns to rest. But the question should be whether Madrid has invested 80 million this season (coach included), to behave as a junior team in the field, to assume so clearly his inferiority to Barcelona, ​​to give up football and submitted to the spirited of his players and the peculiar growth of grass, higher than at other times, or maybe it was an optical illusion.

It is possible that this question has been discarded by Real Madrid for the benefit of immediate success, what they call resultadista; win anyway, but to win. The problem at the moment is that yesterday was not won.

But to go. Back of the wardrobe, the party seemed more turned on. Cristiano crashed into the pole a foul and the return of the seized Albiol played Villa into the area to prevent the plants only to Casillas. The referee pointed to the penalty and drove to the defense without anyone doing too much fuss. Messi converted the penalty.

Change. With one less player and the result against Real Madrid had no choice but to appeal to the heroic, or put another way, he had no other solution than to behave as he often does on Madrid’s stadium. Attacking the heart, with pride and with people. Take the initiative, take risks, play football.

Never had a harder time Barca. And the transformation of Madrid coincided with the entry of Özil, the star had been marginalized in favor of the scheme beginning battleship. Stirred the team and freed from the chains, Marcelo went up the left wing causing panic and one of its arreones led to the penalty of Alves, also very clear and worthy of a card, either yellow (second) or red. Muñiz Fernández was wrong to not show it and while loaded revolver drum Mourinho.

Cristiano was a draw and both Madrid and Barcelona are traded punches and counter. Khedira could get the second after a fielder’s Özil formidable, but shot centered and perhaps overwhelmed by responsibility.

In this final section was who said that Barcelona is not as in the past, and it is very true. However, it serves as consolation also should apply to lament the missed opportunity, not having shaken the tree with more emphasis. There will be more opportunities, however, three in particular. And those who think that Mourinho has it all planned state that yesterday was the first part of a general idea, Machiavellian and deadly. Perhaps they are right. Maybe your players run twice to hide, to lay the perfect trap, in which some have already fallen.

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