Real Madrid 2-0 AC Milan

Milan was much less than last season and Real Madrid was much more. We expected an enemy rejuvenated by the signings and found the same team but with one more year, and years may be very noticeable at certain ages. The only penalty, if any, is that the Madrid missed the chance to give back that little hand that still stings eighties. If it was not abuse, acknowledging the compliment, but not shared.

The core of the party took place in a minute, between 12 and 13. In this interval the Madrid scored two goals and put the game in unexpected scenario. No one imagined something like that, but unless anyone’s own mother, who had expected more work and more minutes to reach that result. The confusion that followed to much free time, doubt either continued with the attack or clothing store, was what took AC Milan to take over the game during the first half.

But imagine a powerful domain. It was rather a lazy domain like old horses stride. Milan, forties Like footballers, but he intends to fail the physical. The team in general has been put on the big ass rear. It is not just a matter of kilos, which is still in the case of Ronaldinho, it is a problem of years and skeletons that no longer float. Until Ibrahimovic, ageless for these ailments, he shuffles like a retired butler.

The contrast is more painful to a team like Madrid, enthusiastic from beginning to end, young legs and ideas. Even at their most distracted, the host mounted counterattacks enough to sign a rout. If these moves did not end in embrace was largely a matter of anxiety, all this evil that deny and trapping is still a Christian, regardless of goals and assists. That point between the revolution and the pause was more evident in Cristiano and Di Maria, is how little he needed to achieve by Madrid.

The goals also were cruel to the old Milan. If something not expected of a veteran team is that the barrier is a lack cracking. That happened in the first goal. Ibrahimovic and Seedorf opened as the towers of the Plaza de Castilla. Set in its defense that the ball was going strong Christian and was flying at an altitude testicular.

The second goal was one of those who point to a doom. Cristiano defense ripped the left and attended Özil, whose shot to the right was activated by touching the arm of Bonera. Received blows and the Real in its shipwrecks against Milan on 80. And it is a sign that even the wind is against.

The second half continued delving into the wound. Milan not recovered from the gasps and his opponent held the speed, pressure and interest. Just had noticed the entry of Robinho but for the blasts that accompanied him at every checkpoint. And said Billy Wilder (director of Some Like It Hot, among other gems) that the viewer may be stupid, but the public is always right.

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