Real Madrid 2-0 Peñarol

There for all. First, for Real, who won, a case which was taken for granted and that it was not so much. Also for Di Maria, who won the dance of beginners, and there was also, for Peñarol, who left the Bernabeu with dignity intact. Except Gago, who left the field injured, it is likely that no one outside the stadium in disgust, because it means we’re still in test time and flip-flops, but only missing five days for league debut in Mallorca.

That other, who trust clues about what will be the face of the team will have to keep waiting. Madrid is still under construction, with the automation of learning and I suspect that any position to be decided.

If the presentation before the Real Madrid is significant as remarkable was the title of Channels and the substitution of Di Maria and Benzema. Ozil by giving fixed in the side, the only position that allows alternatives is shuffling he held, and rightly, the young Canales. The Bernabeu farewell when it was replaced we discovered that the boy has a appreciation of the step that in the absence of natural children, feels the boy as their own.

Regardless of this doubt and tactics to resolve other issues, the party allowed to draw certain conclusions. Ozil handled something faint, you could say poetically intermittent. However, in every ball that controls can be an illusion. In midfield Xabi intervened more than Khedira, which moves more like a faithful squire as a knight with a sword. And up, uneventfully: Christian sin of anxious. No one can deny neither his talent nor his enthusiasm and yet their influence on the collective game still in doubt. Christian is more concerned with his play than the play and it does not happen to be a footballer when I could be all.

Uruguayans. In general, and to explain the game, we can say that Madrid did not have the competitive gene Uruguayans. Some have when players wear, something magical that connects them with their elders, although they, unlike the classics, are mortal flesh and easily forgettable. The fact is that for over an hour to stand up and defended shirt.

For the chapter of the curiosities will be that in the era of the blog, scrapbook Mourinho claimed his share of limelight. When the game seemed more out of control, Mourinho took several notes in a ring binder. He did it with such energy and seriousness that appeared to traffic fines.

In the second part, and focused on beginners, entered Di Maria and Pedro Leon later Juanfran and Mateos. The Argentine was the glory. Boasting of his undoubted vertical (bit reflective, sometimes), Sosa robbed, attacked from the front and resolved after several cuts which resulted in his left leg. Pedro Leon also played among boys Juanfran and cries for more minutes.

As icing on the history of the game gave him a nod to Van der Vaart, the victim of a penalty that he himself launched. If it was a farewell to be seen; goal was safe.

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