Real Madrid 3-0 Espanyol

The scoreboard said one thing and another party. The bright (now TFT or LCD) noted a final victory and the game discussed it for many minutes. The goals do not lie but the story is longer. The Madrid played worse than that and Espanyol better. The proof is the buzz that accompanied the party a long time, the sound of bodies that did not fit the language dissenting murmur. This is very long, say the optimists. And that’s the worst, “reply the others.

The distribution of leading roles teaches us a lot. Suffice it to say that the star was Clos Gomez and when an official becomes the most influential means that the referee strove hard and bit players. This was the case. While one was devoted to polishing the rules, the players were fighting different battles that were close to finishing in a pitched battle. Nothing to become good and with time everything got worse.

The excuse of the building prevents us from getting further in the analysis of Madrid, but one hoped that in some gesture already noticed the hand of the coach. And just be warned. It continues to gain by the inertia of talent, no football to cling to, without further satisfaction that the points made poetic.

Perhaps not meant more. When Mourinho replaced by Özil and Di Maria and Khedira Arbeloa, with Espanyol 1-0 and pressing, more than one protected by pads that no longer exist. Perhaps the public is also under construction, collecting and spending arguments patience.

The first goal, the most important, was worthy of the poor showing was offered. Christian took a direct free kick and the ball bounced into the arms of Luis Garcia, who was trying to protect his face. The regulation card punishable by penalty and arms that escape from the barrier (the Anoeta), but the spirit of the law (Law Michel Salgado, we could call it) is to penalize those who make the usual fuss and subterfuge. And it seemed that.

Christian converts the penalty twice (Clos, fussy, had him repeat) and many believed that anxiety disappeared that goal and ended the suspense. No such thing happened. Espanyol, very smart from the start, continued to play and open spaces. His only problem was that precisely ten approaches for two pulls, dangerous shots, but very rare.

Madrid, meanwhile, continued with the speech of last season and earlier. These are: heaviness in the movement, stiffness in the creation and dynamite in attack situations. That is enough for the clock to play to his favor and dropping them from the pockets goals.

Clos handed out red cards and Espanyol came forward for an equalizer. It was his act of courage and his death sentence. Higuain scored on the counterattack and Benzema got the third when the match was a riot.

Christian, of course, still anxious. And we can not exclude that the disease is highly contagious.

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