Real Madrid 8-0 Levante!!

Was a simple and lucid work for Madrid, with striker Benzema (what Cristiano is normal) and helping to lift what he could. It was a night of peace that the Real Madrid left happy, satisfied team, coach and delegate quiet intact. A good start on Christmas and in the quarterfinals of the Cup, the territory in which the GPS will be updated.

But let’s start with the extraordinary. The reasons for the involvement of Benzema are mysterious. It was raining, the humidity crept to the bone and wanted more put his pajamas and slippers plush reindeer head struggle with Ballesteros in the lagoon. Benzema, however, felt it was good night. It’s just like innocent minds splashing in puddles and have fun with water, even with the ogres. Anyway, that was close to scoring after three minutes and was released after five. The credit goes double (or triple) if we think that it was he who came to the market and the plump chicken cooked: stole the ball, dribbled past a bicycle Xavi Torres (pleasure) and shot Munúa.

The second goal came before the beat Levante be replenished. Cristiano still seeing stars when recovered at midfield, caught the lift in her petticoat and attended Özil, who accompanied by the right. Turkish touched the icing and put two. Control, pause and skip to the network. Recorded in the minutes that followed the move to lift his arm above for non-Christian to Cerra that might exist.

The greatest act of dignity was to link the visitor passes half a dozen despite the downpour that attacked him in heaven and earth. And that combination was born from the right who was close to head with Xisco Muñoz advantage. Little more, just nothing.

The Madrid followed his own, very dynamic, directed by Özil Xabi and agitated for another inscrutable genius. Hyperactivity join Di Maria and a Barn inspired, as more adult, coupled to the pivot. That inertia was born on third. Cerra can never do wrong as a last defense and Benzema gallantly took the gift. For the sweet side is advisable to a year in the jungles of Madagascar and lemurs feeding on berries. To harden.

Despite the undisputed marker match was never friendly. There was wood, rough elbows and several also blood. But even that was appreciated (as seen from far away and safe, of course) because they could see the advantage of the Christmas displays around us.

Benzema, who came to attend Christian, scored the fifth with a subtlety that corresponded to one of Di Maria. The Argentine found him a spoon and topped with French abroad, fine jewelry. And with the same carat continued the meeting. Cristiano scored the sixth after an action of Di Maria (provided it) and in the seventh lifted the level of performance: Benzema and whiplash wall to rip the network.

The last link had been a goal of Morata, but Pedro Leon scored to scrape Munúa clearing after a great play of the youth squad. After eight goals, nine do not need. Lucky said the party and not Valdano.
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