Real Madrid fans not at fault for flare, say Barca officials

The crowd trouble which disrupted the Copa del Rey semi final was not started by Los Blancos supporters, according to Blaugrana officials

Barcelona officials have confirmed that Real Madrid fans were not at fault for the flare that was hurled between supporters during the Copa del Rey semi-final.

Madrid inflicted a 3-1 defeat over Barca but the game was also blighted by off-the-field trouble.  

It was believed that Los Blancosfans had lit a flare in the upper-tier of the ground and thrown it into the Barca section.

However, according to a Barcelona official, an investigation has suggested that home fans were at fault.

“It was not a group of Real Madrid fans that threw the flare,” vice-president of social affairs at the club, Jordi Cardoner, told Catalunya Radio.

“We have verified where this flare came from and it was not there.”

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