Real Madrid second

Real Madrid will win the day forgot that he was needed most, the day that miracles only ate goals and points. He lived a great enthusiasm throughout the course, it is obvious that lived beyond their means and was able to lengthen the pulse of the best team in the world until the last day, when hit with reality, suddenly woke up and had no choice but to assume that your site, this time, is below the Barça. Under the command of Manuel Pellegrini, the great responsibility that this team has come up with a chance of winning the league until the last day, Real have completed a spectacular season with a fabulous balance of points and victories. It has been nearly perfect, but who really has touched has been a Barcelona, a group that only lost one match in the entire league. When that happens, there is only a decent start, which is to congratulate your opponent.

The pride and dignity of Madrid led him to seek the victory when he knew he had lost the league and that is a much appreciated value and that speaks well of this group has formed Pellegrini, unable to surrender even though his mind was and as black as his immediate future. If the leaders of Madrid decided to dismiss the Chilean coach should give him a dignified exit, according to education, temperance and mastery Pellegrini has shown throughout the campaign. The Chilean, who has also made mistakes, like everyone, has done nothing but magnify the values of those who always assumed this club. The technician would pull up another year, to dismantle the foundations of a project that seemed solid. Within weeks, or days, will begin a new reconstruction. The club will take a new direction it hopes will reach the headlines, but the victories did not guarantee anyone.

From that perspective the game lived Madrid, very different from the suffering that was the shock to Malaga, for which no title was at stake, life was at stake. Because life is the First Division for the more modest clubs. A decline has more serious consequences as economic in sports for an entity such as Malaga and lived with the anguish their players for 90 minutes longer than its existence.

Malaga was the best in all his actions, with too many mistakes, some harder than recommended, and was the one who looked more decisive victory in the first half. Soon earned the reward, in the ninth minute when Duda took a heel of Caicedo to beat Casillas. A failure of the Madrid midfield allowed to get very loose players Málaga, than ever in the whole afternoon was closer to permanence.

Real lost control of midfield and the game fell into anarchy from which no one benefited more than Malaga. The League is slipping through his hands to Madrid, it took back together and regain control. We had to wait 25 minutes to see the first auction dangerous of Real Madrid. It was a great header from Christian who demanded a Paradon of Munua to prevent the goal. He walked and then ‘touched’ the Portuguese, who had suffered a grueling entrance of Jesus Gamez.

Chile also tried Van der Vaart and so, with a majority of the Madrid office and between the Netherlands and sometimes Christian, I consumed the first part. The dream cherished Malaga and Madrid began to digest the reality of another season without a title.

If the tension was low, multiplied just outside the locker room when Sergio Ramos made a very clear penalty kick to Caicedo, who shamelessly pushed when the ball flew over the area of Madrid. By not whistled Undiano incomprehensible and indignation of Málaga grew two minutes later when Van der Vaart tied with a goal on the turn.

With the goal against Malaga was upwards, in search of victory, taking the risk posed discovered earlier. It was a calculated risk and nothing unconscious, because there at the end of the stay was in a goal, which could mark the Madrid, he turned to Guti and Benzema, or Tenerife. A bit of any of them would have sent second to Malaga, which clung to stay harder than anyone. As fate would have for many minutes, the permanence of Tenerife was in the hands of Madrid. Chance is always reserved a hero in these situations. As Sabina sings, “death is just the luck with one letter changed.” And in that letter, in those shots that failed Higuain, Van der Vaart or Benzema, wasted on these occasions to Malaga and at the final goal for Valencia Alexis was the fate of two clubs.

Malaga survived, which was smothered at the end and with a man less, Duda expulsion after a clash with Xabi Alonso. At this point, it hardly mattered, because the Malaga had resisted all assaults of Madrid and Valencia lost in Tenerife.

In The Rose Garden Madrid bid farewell to the league and is only likely to be fired from Madrid, and his coach, Manuel Pellegrini, two men who entered the second half, Guti and Drenthe. The Dutchman has had an insignificant step for the club and the ’14 ‘could have been even brighter than it has been. No one wasted as much talent as Guti, who nevertheless has been one of the best Spanish players in the last decade.

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