Real Sociedad 1-2 Real Madrid

The teams are well done. Go back and forth, excited and suffer. Are unstable. But the victory are immunized. Since yesterday is a plus Madrid, who slept leader, though he staggered a time when the exchange of blows with a raging Real, encouraged by the environment and for his enthusiasm Anoeta. He has returned to first to stay. Another forty years if possible. His party deserved the Golden Shell

Real won by trade, by firepower and also by two rarities: a Di Mary appeared and Christian right, back to Pepe elusive. But this time he raged against Casillas, a subject that already existed for approval.

The game was out of Ferrari. At eight minutes the Madrid released three times (Di Maria, Christian, Xabi Alonso), as if Ajax had not yet left his life. But it lasted, the corkage. Then the royal party made him a bleak, one of those games that always bothered Cantabrian.

Lasarte The team was a well-educated, courageous, caring, with pride and heart. And good players, especially Xabi Prieto, who had not at that Real unworthy of the belle epoque. Marcelo was always in trouble, if not overwhelmed, before him. Although less than face Griezmann Ramos, a Frenchman who is from 13 years in the Royal and to which, applied, allowed to skip the subsidiary. The little devil called, as Ufarte Lopez, who retired two years before he was born.

It was a troublemaker of team play with his gall teenager but unforgivably missed a chance to Casillas those who do not return in many leagues. The ball came in the best place, off the beard of the goal, but his worst leg. Persisted with his left foot and paid. Zurutuza also was a nuisance, another clear manifestation that the quarry was always a source of life here. Seven of Zubieta put Lasarte and does not need to repent. Tamudo also made and gave a goal. That smell to take advantage of the carelessness of others (de Carvalho in this case) will accompany you forever. Real regretted it yesterday, but also gave him a league.

Mourinho’s team, however, disappeared green shoots, especially in the first half. Di María started well on the left, but was absent at times. Then came even more difficult for: put a screw right that first put to advantage to Madrid. It’s footballer of occurrences. Remember that Vaseline decided an Olympic final.

Özil requires a high participation in the game. No ball is discouraged and leave. He gave the impression that it is clearly better when they navigate upstream without the heat of the Bernabeu. And Christian did not just feel at peace with himself. This leads him to choose evil and unclean equipment malaise. Higuain ignored to bore you with that effort to redirect his career selfish. Mateu was not to help. He swiped a penalty when one of Zurutuza Zamora interrupted his shot, and a goal (which gave it passed by, Pepe) who had healing properties.

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