Rebrov: ‘Juventus not only Ronaldo’

Ferencvaros ‘must overcome fear’ and not only focus on Cristiano Ronaldo, said the Hungarians’ coach Serhiy Rebrov ahead of their Champions League meeting against Juventus.

The Hungarians suffered a 4-1 defeat in the first-leg game played at home three weeks ago.

“When you play at these levels there is clearly fear, we play against Juventus, but for us this is a kind of bonus. It’s a great opportunity in which we want to do our best to represent Hungary and the fans of Ferencvaros,” Rebrov said at a press conference.

“You can make mistakes and concede goals easily, we’ll try to do our best, we’ll try to overcome fear,” he added.

“Juventus have several leaders, in addition to Ronaldo there are top players like [Alvaro] Morata and [Paulo] Dybala. We do not have to focus on one player only, they are very strong and we must believe in ourselves and play our football.

“We need to think we have 11 players and we need to give our best. Obviously the Champions League is always difficult, you can not easily compare it with Hungarian football. We’ll see what happens tomorrow and if we can bring home some points.”


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