Rosell: There is one Real Madrid player I like…

The Barcelona president revealed that he has had his eyes on a Blancos star for many years, and hinted that he would not sign Cristiano Ronaldo if he was offered him for free

Barcelona president Sandro Rosell has hinted that he has a desire to sign an unnamed Real Madrid player.

The two clubs are arch-rivals in Spain and it is not often that players are able to enjoy periods at both Camp Nou and the Bernabeu during their career, however, the likes of Luis Figo, Brazilian striker Ronaldo and Michael Laudrup have crossed the divide.

Although he would not reveal who he would like to take from Jose Mourinho’s ranks, Rosell admitted that there is a Blancos footballer he has wanted to bring to the Catalunya club for a long time.

“There is one Real Madrid player I have liked for many years,” he told Punto Radio. “But I’m not going to say who it is because I would be creating a circus.

“Madrid have some great players and of course there is one I would like to sign. Is it [Iker] Casillas? I’m not giving away any clues.”

Liga fanatics wondering if it might be Cristiano Ronaldo that the Barca boss was referring to may want to reconsider the possibilities.

When asked if he would take Ronaldo from the Bernabeu for free, Rosell cryptically replied: “Sometimes things that are free end up costing you dearly.”

Barcelona and Real Madrid’s rivalry is considered amongst the greatest in the world, though the Blaugrana chief explained what a nerve-wracking affair the Clasico can be for a club president to watch.

“It makes me tense because it is such a great game to experience,” Rosell said. “It’s one of those games where, if you win, everyone cheers the players, but if you lose, it’s the president’s fault.”

It was announced this week that one of Pep Guardiola’s first games as Bayern Munich coach will be against Barca, the club where he had so much success, and Rosell expressed his desire to see the Spaniard back at Camp Nou someday.

“We miss him,” he said. “The bond he had with Barcelona will be talked about forever in the history of football, but life goes on.

“If he put himself up for club president in the future I would vote for him, I would love to see that.”

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