Spadafora: ‘Juve-Napoli ruling sets precedent’

Minister for Sport Vincenzo Spadafora expects ‘a wise decision’ on whether to punish Napoli for not travelling to the Juventus match after COVID-19 cases, but implies it was ‘a ploy.’

The Partenopei argue they were ordered not to travel by the local health authority (ASL) after Piotr Zielinski and Eljif Elmas tested positive for Coronavirus.

Juve and the Lega Serie A insisted the existing protocol did not warrant that action, as other clubs have played games despite having two or more positive tests.

A verdict from the Disciplinary Commission should be released tomorrow, so either Juve will win 3-0 by default and Napoli docked a point, or the game will be rescheduled.

“I expect the Disciplinary Commission to make a wise decision. I too am waiting to see what happens,” Minister for Sport Spadafora told reporters.

“Without doubt, this decision could set a precedent, which is why I am waiting too and feel it would be imprudent to make a comment only hours before it is released.

“If the rules are rigorously respected, without seeking a ploy the way some football clubs did, we can get through this and see all the tournaments in all sports continue.”

Along with the second wave of Coronavirus cases throughout Europe, there is also a surge of positive tests in football, with the latest being Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I am worried only to the right degree, seeing as I believe the protocol we have is valid, but it is only valid if it is fully respected and we saw in recent weeks that not all clubs ensured their players fully respected those rules.

“These are the minimum conditions we agreed with the Lega Serie A and FIGC to allow them to resume the season. If the Lega wants, it can introduce more stringent measures and protect its players.

“Despite the increase in infections, the situation is still under control.”


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