The Suarez case so far…

Suarez case so far…

Today it became clear Juventus’ managers are under investigation for their activity in the process of accelerating Luis Suarez’s Italian citizenship, this is what we know so far…

This morning, the Perugia Prosecutor’s Office confirmed they are investigating into Juventus’ managers, who were allegedly involved at ‘the highest institutional levels’, trying to ‘accelerate’ the process of Suarez obtaining an Italian citizenship.

The Bianconeri were hoping to sign the former Barcelona forward, who eventually moved to Atletico Madrid and filled the void left by loanee Alvaro Morata, now at Juventus.

Suarez underwent an Italian citizenship exam at the University for Foreigners in Perugia in September and the Guarda di Finanza then reportedly discovered the Uruguayan forward knew all the questions of his Italian test in advance.

The irregularities found by the Perugia Prosecutor’s Office led to hearings of lawyers Luigi Chiappero and Maria Turco.

Wiretaps and leaked quotes emerged in the Italian newspapers, whilst the general manager at the University of Perugia was under investigation too.

Suarez had to be registered as an EU-player at the Old Lady, since the club had already filled the non-EU quota and the move eventually fell through due to the delay.

Guarda di Finanza were already investigating into the University in question and the irregularities they discovered then prompted the FIGC’s Prosecutor’s Office to open an investigation into the case.

This Friday, the Rector of the University Giuliana Grego, the University’s CEO Simone Olivieri and professors Stefania Spina and Lorenzo Rocca were suspended for eight months for ‘the offence of disclosure of professional secrecy aimed at undue profit and multiple ideological falsehoods in public acts’.

Juventus lawyer Turco said in September that there was ‘no negotiation nor agreement’ amid wiretaps and leaked quotes of a phone call which revealed promises of returning with more players in the future.

Today, Juventus later confirmed sporting director Fabio Paratici is under investigation and reports in La Repubblica and La Stampa claims lawyers Turco and Chiappero are being examined too.

The Bianconeri released a statement reiterating the ‘correctness of Paratici’s work’ and pointed at the ongoing investigations to ‘help clarify his position’.

Paratici has, according to Corriere della Sera, asked the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Paola De Micheli, for help in the case.

The Minister, when questioned, also admitted to having obtained the contact of Bruno Frattasi, head of the cabinet of the ministry of the Interior.

According to the newspaper, Paratici has allegedly provided false information to the Prosecutors and with him, Chiappero and Turco, the lawyers of the Old Lady, should also be listed in the register of suspects.


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