Throwback: The 50 Best Bargains You’ve Ever Picked Up in FIFA Ultimate Team

​Since FIFA Ultimate Team was introduced in FIFA 09, we have seen some utterly unbelievable cards.

Whilst the high-rated cards like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are obviously great, some of the fan-favourites​ have been the low-rated gems, who still played like they were Ballon d’Or winners.

Here are 50 of the best bargain cards in Ultimate Team history.​

1. John Carew (FIFA 09)

John Carew

Starting off strong here. Really strong.

Back in FIFA 09, John Carew was broken. The ​Aston Villa man was a terrifying blend of speed, finishing and power. Lots and lots of power. He could sprint past any defender, shrug them off as if they were not even there, and then rifle the ball into the back of the net.

His FIFA 10 card was pretty similar, but Carew certainly made his mark here, in the first ever iteration of Ultimate Team.​

2. Gabby Agbonlahor (FIFA 10)

Gabriel Agbonlahor

Aston Villa were the team to be back in FIFA 10, and that was all down to the strike force of Carew and Gabby Agbonlahor.

With his 94 pace, you simply could not catch him, regardless of who was in your team. He was strong enough to hold his own against most defenders, and his shooting was deceptively good.

He remained overpowered for a few more years, before his rating started to tumble.​

3. Taye Taiwo (FIFA 10)

Marseille's Nigerian defender Taiwo Taye

Left-back Taye Taiwo was a popular choice amongst players in FIFA 10, but he rarely stayed back in defence.

The Marseille man, who made it up to an 87 overall that year, had the pace and power needed to dominate opponents, but it was his shot power that set him apart from the rest. He could score from anywhere. Literally anywhere.

He was one of those players that makes you want to stop trying. You couldn’t beat him, you could only hope to contain him.​

4. Stephan El Shaarawy (FIFA 12)

Stephan El Shaarawy

​AC Milan wonderkid Stephan El Shaarawy first graced Ultimate Team back in FIFA 12, when most players had no idea who he was. But that didn’t matter.

The 73-rated silver card had five-star skills and a five-star weak foot which, in the right hands, turned El Sharaawy into a monster. If you knew how to control him, you could bamboozle your opponents for days on end.

​Serie A sides were dominant in early FIFA games, so there were plenty of exciting ways to link him into your team.​

5. Morais (FIFA 12)

Long live the silvers. Long live FIFA 12 Morais.

The midfielder boasted five-star skills, which obviously made him a potent threat, but there was something about his finesse shots which FIFA players will never forget.

Goals would fly in left, right and centre, curling deliciously off his boot and into the back of the net. Brazilian silver players weren’t always the cheapest, but they were some of the best.

6. Moestafa El Kabir (FIFA 12)

Another for the silver brigade, and we’re back in the Serie A with Cagliari’s Moestafa El Kabir.

Whilst his four-star skills weren’t as good as others’, El Kabir was a dominant blend of speed and agility, whilst his dribbling ability was often enough to fly past opponents.

He was in the Swedish league in FIFA 13, which brought an end to his brief reign of terror.​

7. David Luiz (FIFA 12)

David Luiz

If you ask players for the single most overpowered card in the history of Ultimate Team, many will direct you to FIFA 12’s ​David Luiz.

The 82-rated defender, now at ​Chelsea, defied all logic. How could a player be so fast, yet so strong at the same time? Surely it wasn’t possible for Luiz to keep on winning every tackle?​ He felt like a cheat code, as if he should have been locked up in a laboratory somewhere.

He enjoyed a few years as one of the game’s top defenders, but he never came close to his FIFA 12 dominance.

8. Nilmar (FIFA 12)

Villarreal's Brazilian striker Nilmar ce

Like Luiz, FIFA 12’s Nilmar was an insane card. He was the striker that everyone wanted, and it’s not hard to see why.

At 83 overall, Nilmar had the basic stats to be good, but then some unreal boosts in the most overpowered stats around. 92 pace and 86 dribbling, combined with above average finishing, made Nilmar unplayable.

Arguably one of the most popular cards around, Nilmar’s reign at the top was short-lived, but it was certainly full of memories.​

9. Emmanuel Emenike (FIFA 13)

Fc Partizan v Olympiacos - UEFA Champions League Qualifying Third Round: First Leg

When you think of overpowered cards, what is it that springs to mind? Speed? Power? Height? You’ve just pictured Emmanuel Emenike.

Back on FIFA 13, ​the Spartak Moscow star was the complete striker, and his popularity was a large part of FIFA’s growth into one of the world’s most popular games. Everyone was talking about him, and everyone was scoring with him.

His dominance on future FIFA games has varied, but FIFA 13 Emenike will never be forgotten.

10. Welliton (FIFA 13)


What’s scarier than one terrifying striker? Two terrifying strikers on the same team.

If you came up against Emenike, chances are you came up against teammate Welliton as well. The Brazilian was faster and more clinical that his already dominant partner, and they could combine to form one of the most awe-inspiring tandems in FIFA history.

He soon fell off the top of the FIFA mountain, but not without leaving his legacy.​

11. Felipe Santana (FIFA 13)​


Felipe Santana was 6’4 and had 81 pace. What more do I need to tell you?

Speed was everything in FIFA 13. Coming up against strikers like Emenike and Welliton, you needed fast defenders, and Santana was exactly that.​

If you played FIFA 13, you almost certainly rocked a 3-5-2 with three Brazilians at the back: David Luiz, Felipe Santana and…​

12. Dede (FIFA 13)

Boca Juniors v Cruzeiro - Copa CONMEBOL Libertadores 2018

Dede was the final piece in the terrifying Brazilian puzzle. Like Santana, he was 6’4 with 81 pace, so he could keep up with pretty much any striker, assuming the ball ever got past him anyway.

Whilst you could just sprint past most players, there was no chance of you gliding by Dede. If you got near him, he could wipe you out in an instant. The ball was his, you were simply just borrowing it.

His pace seemingly evaporated in FIFA 14, breaking hearts across the world.​

13. Alexander Esswein (FIFA 13)

Alexander Esswein

If you listen carefully, you can still hear the sound of controllers being smashed back on FIFA 13 after Alexander Esswein celebrated his seventh goal of the game.

At face value, he wasn’t very good. He was a 75 overall with distinctly average shooting and dribbling, but there was something about this card that was not human. His 90 pace made him a terror, but his shooting was outrageous. When Esswein wanted to score, he scored.

​Rarely has a striker angered the entire virtual world like Esswein did.

14. Emmanuel Mayuka (FIFA 13)

Emmanuel Mayuka

Hardly a household name, Emmanuel Mayuka played his way into the hearts of die-hard FIFA fans back in FIFA 13.

The ​Southampton man was just 72 rated, but he was stunningly quick, and his dribble moves could be used to devastating effect. It felt like Mayuka was a glitch, as he would fire in long shot after long shot.

It was his first appearance on a game, and rarely has any player made such an immediate impact.

15. Peniel Mlapa (FIFA 13)

Peniel Mlapa

Peniel Mlapa rose to prominence in FIFA 13 as yet another silver card who just seemed to have ‘it’ – whatever ‘it’ was.

The towering German was frighteningly quick for someone so tall, and his agility felt as though it was amongst the best in the game. He could ghost past anyone, before thumping a long shot straight into the top corner.

There were so many ways you could fit Mlapa into your team, and most players did so with devastating results.

16. Fabrizio Miccoli (FIFA 13)

Fabrizio Miccoli

It does not make sense how Fabrizio Miccoli was only 82 rated in FIFA 13. The man could do everything.

He boasted elite speed, dribbling, shooting and passing, so he was a perfect fit in most teams. You could play him as an attacking-midfielder or a striker (alongside a certain someone who we will get to in a second), and he would bang in goal after goal after goal.

The biggest downside about Miccoli’s card was that he was just 5’6, but he did more than enough to make up for his lack of aerial prowess.

17. Antonio Di Natale (FIFA 13)

Antonio Di Natale

Beginning as an 85 and rising all the way up to 92, it was hardly surprising that Di Natale was ​a great card. However, what was surprising was just how great he was.

He was a carbon-copy of Miccoli, just with better stats all round. The pair could fly around the pitch and create goals for themselves or each other, and they did so without even breaking a sweat.

When he got his 92-rated Team of the Season card, it was game over. 

18. Jonathan Biabiany (FIFA 13)

Jonathan Biabiany

Pace was the all-important attribute in FIFA 13, and no player encapsulated that more than Jonathan Biabiany.

His card looks poor in terms of his passing and shooting, but all that mattered was his 96 pace. He could fly past even the fastest defenders, and always seemed to be able to whip in a surprisingly effective cross.

He barely even had effective skill moves, but he just didn’t need them. His speed was enough to win games, and he won plenty of them.​

19. Adel Taraabt (FIFA 13)

Adel Taarabt

Skills, skills and more skills. That was the recipe for success when you had Adel Taraabt on your side.

Playing for ​Queens Park Rangers in the ​Premier League, he could waltz into just about any team in the world, and his dribbling would ensure he stayed there. You could draw opponents in, then knock the ball through their legs, spin around three times, do a back flip, and then go get the ball and score.

To make matters worse, he ended up with an in-form, which just boosted his stats even more.​

20. Ramires (FIFA 13)


Fans were devastated to see Ramires head to China in 2016, because that meant his card would not be in future games. He had been dominant for years, but Ramires was at the peak of his powers in FIFA 13.

He could tackle, pass and dribble, but his 88 pace was the cherry on top of the cake. Imagine a more physical version of ​N’Golo Kante, and you’ve got Ramires.

The fact that he could link together Brazilians and the Premier League was a squad-building dream, so he ended up in pretty much every side around.​

21. Loic Remy (FIFA 14)

SK Rapid v Chelsea F.C.  - Friendly Match

Loic Remy was one of the top strikers in many different FIFA games, but his FIFA 14 card could be linked with so many good players.

Make no mistake about it, his pace, power and finishing made him a frightening prospect on his own, but the teams you could build around him were next level. Playing for ​Newcastle United and then Chelsea, you could link him to the likes of Andre Schurrle, ​Eden Hazard and ​Romelu Lukaku.

However, there was one many who created one of the most terrifying strong links in FIFA history…

22. Samuel Eto’o (FIFA 14)


Back in the 2013/14 season, Samuel Eto’o was hardly the world’s greatest striker, but his FIFA 14 card played like he was.

You could pair him in attack with Chelsea teammate Remy, which would give you a truly dominant strike force. Both had speed, dribbling and heading, and both could tear through defences with ease.

Eto’o also had four-star skills, so there was almost nothing he couldn’t do. He was an irresistable force in attack, and his goal record proved it.​

23. Fredy Guarin (FIFA 14)


Some of the game’s best midfielders are those with high stats all over their card, and Inter’s Fredy Guarin was no exception back in FIFA 14.

The Colombian powerhouse was just great at everything. Whether it was passing, sprinting, tackling or shooting, you knew that you could pull it off with Guarin at your disposal.

His long shots were also unreal, just adding yet another skill to Guarin’s vast locker. If you had a Serie A side, you definitely wanted Guarin.​

24. Younes Kaboul (FIFA 14)

Younes Kaboul,Jan Vertonghen

Height? Check. Pace? Check. Strength? Check. Younes Kaboul had it all back then.

The ​Tottenham Hotspur star was incredible all year long. His pace never let you down, and he was a good-enough defender to win the ball once you got him into position. Higher-rated cards came out, but few actually matched Kaboul’s performances.

You could use him to link France and the Premier League, which meant there were some frightening hybrids popping up.

25. Marco Sau (FIFA 14)

Marco Sau

In FIFA 14, you didn’t need high-rated cards. All you needed was somebody quick in attack, and Marco Sau was often that somebody.

With his 91 pace, he was the archetypal FIFA star, and his agility and low centre of balance meant he could fly past defenders all day long.

He also boasted surprisingly powerful shots, so everything about his was just outrageously fast. You couldn’t catch him, and you couldn’t stop him scoring.​

26. Jackson Martinez (FIFA 14)


At the beginning of FIFA 14, Porto hitman Jackson Martinez was one of the finest options around. He was fast, albeit not as fast as most, but he made up for it with the rest of his physique.

He was so strong and so clinical in the box, and he gradually accumulated special cards throughout the year, ensuring he was always improving. 

By the end of the game, he had an 86-rated TOTS card, and it was sublime. He had the pace which he was lacking before, on top of even more shooting and strength. He was the complete package.​

27. Eddie Johnson (FIFA 14)


After reviving his career following his departure from ​Fulham, Eddie Johnson wrote his name into FIFA folklore with a number of incredible cards.

Like so many before him, Johnson was a silver card with pace, strength and height. His card only had 64 shooting, but there just had to have been a mistake there. The American didn’t miss. Ever.

You could put Johnson up against any centre-back in the game and he would likely come out on top. 

28. Julian Draxler (FIFA 14)


Non-rare cards are usually discarded before they even get a chance to impress, but not ​Schalke’s Julian Draxler back in FIFA 14.

He may have just been an 80 overall, but he was comfortably one of the finest midfielders on the game. His strength and passing was impeccable, but what made this card stand out so much was his long shots. 

Even the most inexperienced player could score with Draxler. Just hold down the shoot button, and he would do the rest for you.

29. Victor Ibarbo (FIFA 15)

Victor Ibarbo

Since FIFA 12, there has not been a Victor Ibarbo card that wasn’t outrageously overpowered, but his FIFA 15 version stands out for many reasons.

Again, Ibarbo’s combination of speed and power was unreal. He was a combination of Ronaldo, ​Sergio Aguero and Didier Drogba, and he could bully any defender on any given day. 

Ibarbo joined Roma in January 2016, and got changed from a striker to a right-winger. Everything that was great about Ibarbo ​was about to get a whole lot better, and you’ll soon find out why.

30. Seydou Doumbia (FIFA 15)


Ibarbo was now on the right and you needed a new striker to replace him. Fortunately, Roma had the perfect option in FIFA legend Seydou Doumbia, who they signed in January 2016.

With his 93 pace and imposing strength, he was almost a carbon copy of Ibarbo, and the pair surely caused more than a few nightmares throughout 2016.

​But, who would play as a left-winger? Read on.

31. Gervinho (FIFA 15)


Fans around the world were in hysterics when they realised that Ibarbo and Doumbia could be linked with the pacey Gervinho. The trio were arguably the most overpowered front line in FIFA history.

The former Arsenal man brought his 93 pace to the party, meaning each member of this Roma group were just as overpowered as the others. You could fit all three into your team flawlessly, and the goals came flooding in as soon as you did.

Opponents simply could not handle this terrifying group of fast and powerful players, so they would often quit the game after you had scored three or four. To this day, we have never seen anything like Ibarbo, Doumbia and Gervinho again.​

32. Nedum Onuoha (FIFA 15)

Nedum Onuoha

As the year progresses and new cards get released, the low-rated golds often find themselves out of most players’ teams, but not Nedum Onuoha.

He may have been just 75 rated, but his 83 pace, 75 defending and 77 physical was all you needed. He was electric across the pitch, and players needed defenders like him to cope with some of the overpowered forwards who we have already seen.

​Onuoha could dominate even the best strikers on the game, so fans never felt the need to replace him.

33. Asmir Begovic (FIFA 15)

Asmir Begovic

Goalkeepers have always been a controversial part of FIFA. Sometimes they are great, something they are awful. However, ​Stoke City’s Asmir Begovic was always reliable.

He was only 82 rated, but his towering 6’7 frame made him completely impenetrable. Whether shots rained in from distance or close range, Begovic would almost always save the day.

He earned himself a move to Chelsea in the summer of 2016, and was a regular part of everyone’s team for the entire year.

34. Yassine Chikhaoui (FIFA 15)

AFCON Quarter Final - Tunisia v Cameroon

The impact of a super-sub is often touted as the most important thing in football, and FIFA 15’s Yassine Chikhaoui was about as good as they come.

His base card was described as a cheap alternative to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and it’s clear to see why. He was fast, powerful and tall, and his five-star skill moves made him an absolute nightmare to try and defend.

He picked up two in-forms as the year went on, and players were clambering to pick him up. He was one of the most complete strikers we have ever seen, and he scored countless late goals.​

35. Obafemi Martins (FIFA 15)

Obafemi Martins

Obafemi Martins’ 76-rated base card was impressive, allowing for a number of exciting ​Major League Soccer sides. However, it was his TOTS card which earns him a place on this list.

He had 98 pace, 88 shooting and 85 dribbling. Everything he did, he did impeccably, and it’s just a shame that the card came around towards the end of FIFA 15’s life cycle.

You could also link him to an in-form Emineke, which was just outrageous.​

36. Andre Schurrle (FIFA 15)


Andre Schurrle was another of those cards who dominated for many years, but his FIFA 15 card was the pick of the bunch.

The winger had the kind of speed and agility that players over 6’0 don’t normally have, whilst his shooting was also sublime for just a 81-rated card.

He had cards for both Chelsea and Wolfsburg, so he slotted seamlessly into teams across the globe.​

37. Ahmed Musa (FIFA 15)


If Doumbia wasn’t already terrifying at Roma, he actually began the game at CSKA Moscow, where he could link up with Ahmed Musa.

The Nigerian was infamous for his 93 pace and 81 dribbling, and he truly was one of the most potent attackers around.

He joined ​Leicester City the following year, so he featured in even more squads, but that strong link with Doumbia was the stuff of legend.​

38. Ralf Fahrmann (FIFA 16)

Ralf Faehrmann

After an impressive 2014/15 season, Ralf Fahrmann netted himself a nice upgrade for FIFA 16, and he became one of the top goalkeepers in FIFA history.

His 6’5 frame made him capable of reaching almost any shot, and his talent only grew as he picked up in-forms and a TOTS card.

His reflexes were incredible, and he made countless saves which left you scratching your head. Humans can’t do the kind of things FIFA 16 Fahrmann could do.​

39. Benoit Tremoulinas (FIFA 16)


If you just look at Benoit Tremoulinas’ FIFA 16 card, you wouldn’t guess he was so good. Even now, people aren’t really sure, but they are just glad he was.

The left-back was an absolute monster in defence, whilst he could ​also be found bombing up the pitch to whip in picture-perfect crosses to give your team an added threat.

He didn’t get any special cards, but he didn’t need them. The Frenchman was good enough already.

40. Mame Diouf (FIFA 16)

Mame Biram Diouf

As you should have learned by now, the trick to being an overpowered player is to have electric pace and overwhelming power. In FIFA 16, Mame Diouf was the man for the job.

His 68 dribbling made for some sluggish movements at times, but his 90 pace more than made up for it, as he would end up soaring past any defender, even if they had a head start.

One of Diouf’s best attributes was his shot power. He could send shots crashing into the back of the net before you could even blink, and there was no chance you were saving them.​

41. Adrian Ramos (FIFA 16)


Oh look – another huge, fast striker. Being good at FIFA isn’t as hard as you might think…

Like a human wrecking ball, Adrian Ramos would simply overwhelm defenders. Nobody could match his athleticism, which resulted in countless chances for you to score.

His Colombian links offered some terrifying options, whilst there were also plenty of Bundesliga teams who profited from Ramos’ inclusion.

42. Jack Butland (FIFA 17)

Jack Butland

To this day, players still live in fear of FIFA 17’s Jack Butland. The Stoke star was an utterly sublime goalkeeper who caused you problems each and every game.

There was no point spending thousands and thousands of coins on a high-rated goalkeeper when Butland was better than them all. Far better.

​He picked up a Futties card late in the game, which left fans in tears. What was the point in playing the game when you were simply never going to score?

43. Chris Smalling (FIFA 17)


To make matters worse, Butland would often be linked with ​Manchester United’s Chris Smalling, who played like prime Paolo Maldini in FIFA 17.

He was 84 rated with 77 pace, 84 defending and 84 physical. Add in his 6’4 frame, and you’ve got yourself the perfect centre-back.

Like Butland, he also got his own upgraded Futties card, and the two combined to be arguably the greatest defensive pairing in FIFA history.​

44. Renato Sanches (FIFA 17)

Renato Sanches

Renato Sanches’ first inclusion in Ultimate came in FIFA 17, when he was rewarded with a 78-card. Fortunately for players, it felt much better than that.

The powerful midfielder could do a little bit of everything, forcing opponents off the ball before bursting forward and unleashing a ferocious long shot. He was everything you needed from your entire midfield in one 5’9 bundle.

He began the game’s life cycle as part of most people’s teams, and he retained his place for the entire season. He was that good.​

45. Anthony Martial (FIFA 17)


In FIFA 17, many players felt that the only upgrade to ​Anthony Martial was ​Cristiano Ronaldo, and that should tell you everything you need to know about the Frenchman.

He played exactly like Ronaldo. He was a dominant dribbler, but he also had the power and creativity to torment defenders. He was about as perfect as wingers come.

This was all just his base card, so you can imagine the reaction when he ended up with an 86-rated in-form.

46. Tiemoue Bakayoko (FIFA 18)

Tiemoue Bakayoko

If you wanted a great defensive-midfielder in FIFA 18, the only player you needed was Chelsea’s Tiemoue Bakayoko.

His card was far from spectacular, but he felt like an absolute robot. He could sniff out danger before it had even arrived, and his physicality ensured he could win the ball back nine times out of ten.

​He was atrocious going forward, but that’s not what Bakayoko was about. Let the other players handle the attacking, and he will sort out the defending all on his own.

47. Romain Alessandrini (FIFA 18)


Romain Alessandrini has long been a FIFA favourite thanks to his insane pace, but his place as a FIFA legend is all thanks to his FIFA 18 cards.

His 77-rated base card was good, but before you knew it, he had a 92-rated Futties card, and it was absolutely incredible. His pace and shooting was about as perfect as you can hope to find, and he now had the physicals to compete with even the toughest defender.

LA Galaxy cards weren’t the easiest to fit into your team, but most players tried their hardest to find a way for Alessandrini.​

48. Hirving Lozano (FIFA 18)

Hirving Lozano

Hirving Lozano’s rise to prominence is very similar to Alessandrini’s. A fast winger, the Mexican was always an impressive card, but it was his special cards which stole the spotlight.

His dribbling was amongst the greatest in the game, and the fact that he could shoot or pass at the end of a move made him even better. You couldn’t predict what Lozano was going to do, because he was good enough to do whatever he tried to.

He would often be substituted into the game after mere seconds, because players wanted to play with him for as long as possible.​

49. Eric Bailly (FIFA 18)


​Eric Bailly had been steadily improving for a number of years by the time FIFA 18 rolled out, and his reward was a stunning 84-rated base card.

With his 78 pace, he was one of the fastest centre-backs on the game, and his imposing physique made him the complete package. He was in every Premier League side, and understandably so.

Another of those who didn’t need upgrades to remain relevant, Bailly was a starter in teams for the entire season.​

50. Geoffrey Kondogbia (FIFA 19)


It didn’t take fans long to figure out that Geoffrey Kondogbia was the overpowered player in FIFA 19.

At 6’2, he boasts the physique to establish himself as a dominant force in defence, whilst he is also technically capable of bursting forward and helping out in attack. He is like FIFA 18’s Bakayoko, only with an end product on top.

After changing international allegiance to the Central African Republic, fans struggled to fit Kondogbia into their sides for the remainder of the season, but his 89-rated Road to the Final card is still the stuff of dreams.


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