Tottenham – Real Madrid

Anyone who thinks that Madrid does not play anything tonight forget the pride and prestige. It also underestimates the significance of playing in England, the birthplace of this invention, specifically at White Hart Lane stadium opened in 1899, not admitted as neat advertising until 1970 and so ingrained in the culture of the country that shares the fifth name more repeated in British pubs: The White Stag (White Hart), the emblem of Richard II. There is little chance of playing fields, as opposed to similar public, in areas appear, crowned the stadium, in this case, a fighting cock bronze from 1909, is the symbol of the old Tottenham hot spurs.

The possibility of a catastrophe or is contemplated. It is so unlikely that the host score five goals as the Madrid leave London without having achieved any. Facing a team that will courageously dump (they’re English), Madrid will find the perfect place to practice your favorite resource: the backlash. And it will have a team of tronío that recovers for the eleven to six alternates San Mames: Carvalho, Marcelo, Xabi Alonso, Özil, Cristiano and Adebayor.

The idea, besides protecting the warnings, is to continue polishing the record: seven wins and two draws so far in the Champions League. The purpose is to promote confidence in the group with the classic approach: first League Cup and then later those who resist semifinals since 2003. Was then eight years ago now, when Madrid Del Bosque crashed against Juve and elements: Ronaldo limping and missed penalty by Figo.

But that’s another story. In this, the game is presented as a gift. How will the atmosphere of enthusiastic Redknapp has come to test the penalties. Expect some more of it after the Bernabeu cytokines. It is also expected more of Sandro, the new Dunga, of Modric, the young Cruyff, or Bale, the futuristic side. Lennon played at last.

Indeed, only three teams have overcome a very unfavorable outcome: Leixoes, Partizan … Real Madrid.

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